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About food allergy several small tips

In the daily life has the food allergy frequently, understood that the food allergy the general knowledge is helpful to the prevention food allergy occurrence.

If you known to some material allergy, but actually has following has never experienced the symptom, should go see a doctor as soon as possible, this has the possibility is the allergic complication indication:

* gasps for breath when presents the scat singing.

* chest cavity stuffy, causes the scant of breath, is accompanied by asthma frequently.

* uses in the pharmacy the anti-allergic medicine, in one week was still invalid.

* after contact anaphylactogen, erupts the nettle rash. This was possibly suggesting allergic shock's arrival, this is quite dangerous, possible fatal. The allergic shock is very serious allergic reaction, most often stings by the honeybee or the fire ant nips the initiation, but may also create by other anaphylactogens. After by insect bite, if emits the scar, possibly is the serious allergic reaction indication, should go see a doctor immediately.

Medicine small general knowledge

1st, common food allergy symptom

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Food allergy's symptom usually is produces slowly, but some people after having eaten some kind of food will have the response immediately. In the majority of cases, fasts these anaphylaxis food for 60-90 days later, these foods can again direct in the diet, but does not have any untoward effect.

2nd, the following each item is common in the food allergy symptom:
The acne, grows particularly in the chin or the mouth nearby whelk, arthritis, losing sleep, asthma, the small intestine problem, the colitis, the body weight is overweight, melancholia, Dou problem, weary, ulcer, headache. Except these symptoms, your doctor, in inspects you whether to have time the anaphylaxis, but should also look whether to have the following symptom, anemia and the face whiten, wets the bed, the nocturia, the cheeks present the red circle circle (to spread cheek rouge probably, this sickness also occurs on child), redundant catches cold (occurs in child), the conjunctivitis, the eye ache, bursts into tears, the eye water leakage, to itch, to change red, dizziness, and felt that swelling, to the optical fiber sensitive, serious mouth-watering, the diarrhea, the periodic line of sight is fuzzy, the stuffy nose or the class snot, the redundant ear infect, fluid medium detention in vivo, the tinnitus, hearing loss, the unusual body odor, to be excessively active, in vivo pH the value is not the peracid is the alkali, each kind of disease's recrudescence, has had each kind of phobophobia, the learning disability, the memory and the attention difference, the finger is tumescent, both hands feel cold, serious menstruation being out of balance, weight gain, the muscle rapidly not to be uncoordinated.

3rd, food allergy self-test
If you suspected that you to some kind of food allergy, one kind of simple test can help you. After eating you to think has question food, the stream that branches and merges again records your pulse, so can understand whether just when allergic reaction. Takes the table with a hand, sits down rests several minutes. After you relax yourself completely, the survey skill's pulse, counts looks in 60 seconds the pulse beat number of times. The normal pulse is each minute 52-70 times. Afterward, eats up you to suspect can cause allergic food, and so on 15-20 points later, then measures - under the pulse. If your pulse (each minute) increases above 10 times, must endure eats this kind of food one month, then makes the test again.

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