Sunday, June 28, 2009

The soybean may help you to resist many kinds of cancers

It is reported that because 70% to 90% cancers is the diet, the habits and customs as well as the environment suggestion or presses to live, the denutrition accounts for approximately 35% to 60%. The plant protein may reduce the risk which develops cancer, like soybean contour textile fiber food includes may resist cancer's oxidation inhibitor and the vegetative estrogen, makes food substitution meats by the soybean, may provide the textile fiber the absorbing capacity, but the high textile fiber may resist cancers and so on colon cancer, breast cancer. Human and the animal research organization also pointed out that the soybean isoflavone may slow down the prostate gland cancer cell the growth, lets the prostate gland cancer sickness ignite the new hope.

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Japan's research also discovered that if the average person (for example bean curd) joins soybean food to the daily diet, then they will suffer from Rectal Cancer's ratio compared to simply the inedible soybean food person low 80%. University of Toronto Medical school nutrition department's Professor Song completes the experiment discovered that in the soybean contains the soap glucoside with suppresses the large intestine tumour cell to have the dosage dependence relevance, i.e. in the diet includes soybean's quantity to be higher, suffers from colon cancer's risk to be lower. Joins soybean food in the daily diet, but may also suffer from the stomach cancer rate reduces 40%. Every day the edible bean curd or other soybean food's female, suffers from the lung cancer the probability then not often to eat the soybean feminine half. The recently research also discovered that in soybean's isoflavone has the inhibiting ability regarding carcinoma of urinary bladder's cell line, but may also suppress liver cancer, cancer of the pancreas's occurrence.
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