Friday, June 26, 2009

The research discovered that treats the mirror to jog, the effect is good

A British research demonstrated that regarding just joined in jogs this movement person, treats the mirror to jog machine on jogs, is helpful in forms correctly jogs the posture, but jogging expert, if wants to improve the result, actually possibly needs before to jogging machine displays an own full-size picture.

According to Britain "the Daily Telegraph date" the report, British Peduncle Side University movement psychology project's person in charge Daniel · Eves initiated this research. The researchers let 10 health, the average age are 22 year-old masculine volunteer every other one day in jog machine on carry on one time 3 group, each group of 20 minutes to jog the practice. Before they jogged machine have laid aside the ordinary whole body mirror and the honorable person size static picture separately. After removing the numerous individual difference factor, they draw the conclusion, thought that treats the mirror to jog may enhance the four limbs coordination, helps the novice to form correctly jogs the posture, meanwhile may avoid the movement excessive. But along with the runner level's enhancement, this procedure's effectiveness also gradually decreases progressively. But speaking of the expert, the static picture instead is helpful in them improves the result. Herbs, Foods, Supplements, Bath & Body
Eves said that because watches the static picture, will increase to the difficult cognition, but like this instead can stimulate the experienced runner's willpower, the result their performance can be more splendid. This research results publication in US "Sports medicine And Science" in quarterly publication.

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