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Five big lower the cholesterol food

Can lower the cholesterol effectively five big foods, formerly some massive experiments confirmed that controls in food the cholesterol content, may play falls the blood fats the role. But the recent issue "American Clinical Nutriology Periodical" on publishes an article pointed out that uses the low cholesterol diet 1 year, most may cause the cholesterol to reduce 29%.

Canada University of Toronto's researchers choose the high blood fats the middle age artificial experimental subject, lets them under the instruction use the low cholesterol diet 3 months in doctor, including richly including the phytosterin (for instance soybean, soybean, seed and so on) with mounts the thick textile fiber (for example oats, barley, eggplant and so on) food as well as nut fruits food. One year later traces the discovery, fulfiled exactly the low cholesterol diet principle person cholesterol to fall 29%. Even if does not have the human who complies with completely, the cholesterol has also fallen 10%-20%. Therefore, the American plum approximately the medicine center recommended specially for the general high blood fats patient 5 lowered the cholesterol greatly food:

Oats. The suggestion is every day most delicious 1-and-a-half cups of oats. American food and the drugs administrative bureau (FDA) authorization, on the oatmeal packing may indicate “the edible oatmeal is improves the blood fats one diet way, may reduce coronary disease's danger.”In the oats contains richly the water-soluble textile fiber may “the impediment” the intestinal tract absorb excessively many cholesterol, changes in the blood the fat acid concentration, lowers “the bad cholesterol” and the triglyceride. Every day absorbs the water-soluble textile fiber 5-10 grams, may cause “bad” the cholesterol absorption rate to reduce 5%. Other contain water soluble textile fiber food also to have richly: Jack bean, apple, peach, melon class, mushroom class, kelp, black and white auricularia auricula, porphyra capensi and so on.

Nut. Nuts and so on almond, peanut, walnut, cashew, chestnut include the multi-unsaturated fatty acid, may lower the cholesterol, but can also maintain the artery blood vessel's health and the elasticity. Publishes pointed out at this year world heart disease academic society annual meeting's memoir, after 10 European countries have collected nearly 400,000 person of material analyses discovered that the nut eats more people, contracts coronary disease's risk to be lower. Every day eats 13 gram nut's people, results in coronary disease's risk compared to not to be able to eat 1 gram person few 40%. But the nut only shortcoming is the quantity of heat is too high. The expert suggested that might as well every week eats two times, each time eats 8 grams, probably grasps in a control pine quantity, then obtains the rich unsaturated fatty acid and the oxidation inhibitor.

Soybean. The soybean saturated fat quantity is low, does not contain the cholesterol, with the soy protein substitution animal protein, may reduce in the blood the total cholesterol, “bad” the cholesterol, the triglyceride, and does not affect “well” the cholesterol content. In addition, the soybean contains the soybean isoflavone and the cellulose can also lower the cholesterol. Every day absorbs 20-50 gram soya proteins, approximately may reduce 4%-8% “bad cholesterol” and triglyceride. Except the soybean, the soya protein product also has the bean curd, the soybean milk and so on. What must pay attention, the processing process will affect in the soybean the isoflavone, the cellulose content.

Deep sea fish. In which Ou Mi the gal - 3 fatty acids may through the influence blood fats, reduce the triglyceride density, slow down the blood agglutination speed, the display to protect cardiovascular's function, reduces coronary disease's morbidity. The deep sea fish has the chum salmon, the tuna, the wahoo, the saury pike, the conger pike and so on, every week is best eats two times at least.

Orange juice. In which phytosterin is one kind with the cholesterol structure similar chemical substance, may compete the absorption channel with the cholesterol in the intestinal tract, then reduces the human body to the cholesterol absorption. Recently some research pointed out that every day absorbs the phytosterin 2-3 grams, may reduce 6%-15% “bad” cholesterol, but does not affect “well” the cholesterol. Except the orange juice, also had in the nut, the seed, the yellow soybean oil, the peanut oil, some plant cream including the phytosterin also to increase the phytosterin.

Abstains the fat, to use the oil. The plum approximately the medicine center suggested that has except the choice falls the cholesterol effect food, but must reduce the ingestion cholesterol and the saturated fatty acid. For example the animal internal organs, 100 gram pig brain's cholesterol content reaches as high as 2000 milligrams, will suggest the daily more than 300 milligrams compared to the American Heart Academic society nearly 7 times, the high blood fats patient was best little eats. Animalistic fat like lard, butter, but also has the minority vegetable oil like coconut oil, the cream and so on, contains nearly is the saturated fatty acid, eats easy to create the arteriosclerosis, suggested that by the multi-unsaturated fatty acid, the single unsaturated fatty acid replaces. Including massive multi-unsaturated fatty acid food, if the olive oil, may cause the cardiovascular disease risk factor to reduce 25%; By peanut oil diet primarily, may also cause to contract the cardiovascular disease's risk to drop 16%-20%. Other mainly has the salad oil, the corn oil, the sunflower oil richly including the unsaturated fatty acid oil and so on.

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