Friday, June 12, 2009

The man sits the cool chair lethality function

Bustles about the white-collar 24 hours usually were passed like this, 8-10 hours sat before the computer, 2 hours sat on the sofa watch the television, 3 hours sat in each kind of social gathering lively banquet scene ......One day gets down, the majority of time are sitting. Regarding this, the expert believed that the long time will sit motionless will affect the male function. Even if sits, seat's temperature, soft and hard and so on, also has is fastidious.

Cold, hot must be moderate. The prostate gland is very sensitive to the temperature, the cold stimulation may cause the trough bottom muscle spasm, induces prostatitis. On the other hand, the testicle is sensitive to heat, when the temperature is higher than 35 degrees Celsius, will reduce the sperm quality, will then affect person's reproduction function. Therefore, the male in the winter takes a walk, the exercise when the outdoors, best along with brings together the cushion, did not want directly to sit tired on the ice-cold backless stool. Moreover, the sauna room, bathhouse this kind of hot place, the male is also best little goes.

Soft and hard must be moderate. The too hard backless stool can enlarge the pelvic cavity organ the degree which extruded, the time will have been initiated steadily the trough bottom muscle function exceptionally, the prostate gland hyperemia, then caused prostatitis. Therefore, often rides bicycle's male to adjust the good hull's altitude, and reduces hull's degree of hardness with the cushion, avoids the prostate gland bearing. The too soft sofa will enable the masculine entire buttocks to fall, this has also increased the extrusion dynamics; Moreover the scrotum is surrounded the bearing, cannot the normal attemperation, so that testicle's temperature rise, the reproduction function comes under the influence. If therefore in the family the sofa is too soft, best spreads out together the slightly hard cushion.

In addition, the expert also stressed that in any event, the long time sits is not good. Therefore, looks like the taxi driver, an office race's gentleman, the best every other 40 minutes move 8-10 minutes. Especially the taxi driver, not only sits the time is long, the chair temperature is also dried by the engine very much high, has sat in the vehicle does not have to the prostate gland and the testicle the advantage. Therefore, the drivers may consider that pulls several visitors every time, stops the vehicle to come, to breathe the fresh air, moves the joint.

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