Monday, June 8, 2009

5 kind of habits and customs may strengthen the husbands and wives happy heart

The US psychologist and the clinical medical scientists are several years the follow-up studies discovered: The happy husbands and wives have some “the general character custom”, they meet the instinct in the daily life to observe some “the provision”.

It is not each time must say the truth

As if sounds somewhat to violate the general knowledge, but maintains with the companion “100% transparencies” is not a good deed. When discusses some thorny sensitive topics, if the bilateral family, is how best “keeps mouth shut”, do not give but actually altogether own laughter, anger, sorrow and happiness opposite party, “retention” can improve the relationship truly.

The husbands and wives quarrel without the victor

Because two person's individualities and the life style have the fundamental difference, between the husbands and wives any side cannot attempt to change opposite party “the smelly temperament”. That kind thought that each time quarrels must have wins Fang He to apologize a side idea is intolerable. We should find out the remedial treatment as far as possible, but is not falls into the endless quarrel.

Every month several times spends together the time

In life ordinary activity, regardless of being together the shopping, makes the food together, is the happy husbands and wives spends together the time the wonderful move. Moreover such activity do not be too frequent, every month several times sufficed.

Strokes the petty action to be more important than the sexual affection

Standford University's psychologist Louise Turman discovered that these “natural luck” husbands and wives not frequently sexual affection, but is maintaining frequently on body's contact. The racket shoulder, traces the cheek and so on petty action to be able to promote sentiment far between husbands' and wives' compared to the sex life.

Aftertaste lovely time

Exeter university psychology expert jeannette Switzerland Postan interviewed 200 pairs to relate the intimate husbands and wives, discovered that they had a common ground: Even if two people quarrel are heavily engaged, they still by “the historical judgment” the regarding question, aftertaste opposite party before doted on own bit by bit. They believed that quarrels is in the marriage the inevitable matter, therefore that “the investment” will not be calculating.

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