Saturday, June 6, 2009

Twin's parents are easier to have the anxious mood

Imagines, what has pair of twin children to feel? Is surrounded by beautiful women, is certainly very satisfied! However, an item from Spain's newest research discovery, will be opposite in these only raises a child the parents, twin's parents will possibly suffer more troubles in the energetic aspect.

In a research, the researchers follow-up research 100 pair of twin's parents and surpassed a 700 pairs of embryo only to live child's parents, finally discovered that twin's parents were easier to present, anxious and so on depressed the negative mood. “raises a child to be able to create the very tremendous pressure to the human, He Kuang is two.”Industry in expert Dr. Shaw said from London. Dr. Shaw has not participated in this research, he thought that this research results are interesting, but is also very easy to misinterpret, “this does not mean into the twin the parents will change insane”. But, Dr. Shaw believed that the artificial insemination technology's application raised the present twin children's proportion. Therefore, doctor and the parents have the necessity even more to pay attention raise the twin the true cost. Now, every 4 use the artificial insemination technology in the woman, will have one person to cherish on the twin, but in the past, this proportion only then 1∶80.

Research before this once discovered that cherishes the twin the woman to be easier to suffer from many complications - - including the premature delivery, diabetes, hypertension and so on, but does not have the research to pay attention to the twin parents' mental health nearly. The researchers for the mother who accepted the investigation have provided the questionnaire, let them in be pregnant separately, child for two months, a child year-old time filled in answers. The result discovered that will be opposite only lives child's parents in these embryo, twin's parents will report frequently oneself met difficult problem, including anxious, sleep disorder and so on.

But the analysis believed that because sample quantity not enough big, therefore, although twin's parents reported these phenomena, but not necessarily they certainly fill on clinical anxious or have other energetic questions, needs the mental healing. Also had other experts to raise the question to this conclusion. They believed that perhaps twin's parents are not the real spirit easy not to present the ill health phenomenon, possibly is because they have not adapted their parents status. “their anxious level will possibly have the slight promotion, but will not be the major problem.”Cambridge University family Research center's Professor Susan Golombok said that “the majority parents are very willing to have a pair of twin. The questionnaire score in the mental health aspect high several points has not meant that they need to look at psychologist.”

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