Friday, June 5, 2009

The blue color illumination may let the committing suicide brains restore soberly

In Japan, more and more public places start to use the blue light illumination, it is said that this can play the reduced crime and suppress the suicide the role.

in 2000, Britain's Glasgow to change the city's appearance, changed into the blue color the street light by the orange, the people afterward discovered that this act brought cut the crime rate the accidental result. in 2005, the Japanese Nara Police follow a set pattern, one year later the local at night crime rate reduced 10%. Afterward, this kind of lamp is called “guards against the lamp”, is widely applied in Japanese each region. The Japanese Osaka Railroad Company took the lead in several often to have suicide case's platform to install the blue color illumination, finally, in one year a person has not jumped down the platform. This experience is disseminated immediately expunges from a list. The Japanese iron along with it in places such as Aichi-ken, Mie-ken, has installed the blue color illumination. Looks from the platform, it sends out the chilly light, lets the human feel that truly has one marvelous strength.

About the blue color illumination's effect, Japanese Celebration Should University color psychology department's Professor Suzuki permanent male indicate that the blue color has the quiet role, it shifted the criminal or cares for felo-de-se's attention, can play certain inhibitory action. Because the criminal perhaps wants to commit suicide the human want to evade others vision, but once saw the light, had then felt he is in secluded nobody by no means the place. In addition, compares red, warm color departments and so on orange, the lonesome and quiet blue light lets the human be calm. At present, the blue color illumination not only applies in the inhabited area and the train station, at traffic accidents and so on some highway sends the region also to start to use, reduces the traffic accident. In addition, because Japan throws big-ticket item trash to need to pay expenses, some people still arrived at frequently trash the highway pull-up the trash can, after installing the blue color illumination, throws trash illegally the human also reduced 20%.

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