Friday, June 12, 2009

The lunch latter cup of yogurt are helpful the health

In the morning and the evening drank cup of milks already to become the many person's good customs, but you knew, when lunch after or lunch, drank cup of yogurt, could also play the vital role to the health.

Demonstrated according to the statistical data that our daily breakfast's heat supply occupies the same day the total heat energy demand 25%-30%, therefore, time breakfast drinks cup of milks to be able to supplement the heat energy effectively; Before evening just before going to sleep, drinks a cup to be helpful in increasing the sleep quality, lets you enter the depth to sleep soundly the condition, but can also guarantee the milk nutrition the full absorption and the digestion.

Then, when lunch what advantage drinks the yogurt to have? The nutrition expert pointed out that in the yogurt includes massive organic acid and so on lactic acids, acetic acid, they have not only entrusted with the yogurt neat sour odor, but can also help it to form the delicate milk curd, thus suppresses the harmful microorganism the reproduction, simultaneously, causes intestinal tract's alkalinity to reduce, the acidity increases, promotes the stomach and intestines creeping motion and the digesting fluid secretion. Do not despise the yogurt these functions, this finished eating the lunch regarding these to sit before the computer no longer moves, easy to cause the office worker who the dyspepsia or the fat accumulated, was beneficial. At the same time, in the yogurt tyrosine regarding the alleviation pressure oversized, is highly tight the human body which and anxious initiates to have the very big help exhaustedly. Ferments after the lactobacillus, pellets and so on yogurt protein, peptide, amino acid become small, the dissociation tyrosine's content enhances greatly, absorbs is also easier. When lunch after or lunch, drinks cup of yogurt, may let the office worker relax the mood, is full of energy in the entire afternoon, is more advantageous to the enhancement working efficiency.

According to a newest research discovered that the yogurt also has reduces the radiation damage, to suppress radiates the function which posterity's lymphocyte number drops. The animal experimentation proved that after taking in the yogurt the mouse to the radiation tolerance enhancement, and reduced the radiation to immune system's harm. Faces the computer regarding these long time, covers every time in the electromagnetic radiation the office worker, drinks cup of yogurt using the lunch time, is beneficial to the health.

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