Monday, June 22, 2009

Before the fruits and vegetables admit the refrigerator, not to wash

Likes the clean person, usually will buy the vegetable will wash, will cut puts in the refrigerator, will think the health to maintain freshness, when need will take can use, but “will be fastidious” the procedure has actually violated the storage food big death anniversary.

The moist environment is the bacterium multiplies “the hotbed”. After the clean, puts in the refrigerator, easy to make in refrigerator's humidity to increase, for germs multiply creation advantage. In addition, the fruits and vegetables surface will have generally a waxiness to be possible to protect it not microorganism's violation, but will clean can destroy this waxiness, is been easier the bacterium to enter in the fruits and vegetables, will cause the deterioration, therefore, after the expert will suggest the fruits and vegetables to buy back, should better not wash. If thought that vegetable root really too dirty, may trim off the belt earth the root to install the box storage again slightly. If must certainly wash, after and so on moisture contents draining completely does, seal again put in the refrigerator, has washed fruit, in takes out after the refrigerator, must clean once more, because in the memory process, its surface will possibly produce the nitrite, but will clean may remove it exactly. When seal, may consider that maintains freshness the box or maintains freshness the bag, may also try the kraft paper, because of its hygroscopicity, may come out the fruits and vegetables evaporation the moisture content absorbs and returns for them.

Fruits and vegetables retention time because of different type, but different, for instance, green fruit's and so on leafy vegetables and strawberry storage lives are shortest, 1-2 days to the end; The mung bean sprouts, the grape and so on may put the time slightly to be long a spot. Summer the watermelon could one time finish eating as far as possible do not remain, if were left over, might in its margin duplicate clear plastic wrap, be supposed better in within to finish eating quite a while. Before taking out once more edible, slices off the first margin surface layer, by against bacterial infection.

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