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Not only kisses the mouth to be so simple to the mouth

Kisses, is not only absolutely the mouth is so simple to the mouth, but must be fastidious about the body coordination, the frequency speed, the creativity, to seek for sensitive belt and so on, lets kiss the technique masters 11 to teach you.

"anything has not made my heart movement compared to sweetheart's lip. Fills the sense organ pleasure the Buddhist ritual procedures hot lips, the light remembers causes the person whole body to receive an electric shock." The unusual lips are one kind of excellent balanced, two people are complicated, the skill which from the tongue curls and shrinks to the pressure control, in addition humidity assurance, but set of complete knowledge. How should train the expert who oneself become kisses? The following is the friendly lips, the good lips public figure's wise remark.

(1) full body language

Uses the body movement to provoke his hope first. Regardless of you adore him, leaves is delivering anxiously the lip piece. You should use the fingertip to realize that first opposite party body temperature, felt his mood, by the look transmission romantic news, then starts the movement which again kisses. "teases is most effective before plays, speaking of the kiss is also so." William Cane this "Lips Are an Art, All questions will be answered" the author so expressed. Do not forget to utilize your both eyes and both hands ingeniously: Under affection staring, has slid gently by the fingertip his facial cast, flushes air nearby his ear, mutters whispers you are secretly anticipated that the attractive kiss, Ji Ci shoulders his desire, good begins the prologue for the following step. If you wild Buddhist ritual procedures deep lips, eat by chance arouse his fantasy!

“whenever I saw the girlfriend feeds the good food crazily, can not help want to come a fervor with her the lips.”And so on 28 public relations entrepreneur Sam Kilmore so expressed from New York. Your sweetheart is only the relentless character and style dull goose? Will try to gnaw the chicken leg with gusto next time to him! The gloss roasts the chicken leg, appears under the wild worry so the delicacy, but eats you with gusto, do not forget to tease him by the judgment. Moistens one's lips with the tongue, silent tells him: You think his lips, the delicacy really in front food! Trust benzene's he also will listen again to reason.
(2) skill needs the synchronization

Wants simultaneously to experience the first kind of contact same happiness, the frequency is very important. Which form does he like the lips? Which warm body movement in anticipation needed? About the taboo which kisses has which? (for example some men care about woman's tone to be fragrant, are some men not pungent not happy, whether full mouth garlic taste instead can arouse his infinite pleasure) these details and you like coordinating? Demonstrated according to an unofficial investigation that the majority of men long for even in dreams bold and the intense Buddhist ritual procedures hot lips, the woman compare like like the accessory pinna gently, the romantic victory in the fervor lips. If opposite party displays were inferior how anticipated should manage? Suggested you personally set an example the way does not fall the trace to tell him, then transforms opposite party. Because the human have the imitation habit, gradually opposite party can feel his regard, makes conforms to the hope response.

(3) must have the excellent imagination

Skill excellent beside, a very important spot is must have the imagination. Who cares about your lips to be whether long-time, the angle how? What you need is with heart and soul investment. The display creativity, makes as far as possible the cherry small mouth the biggest utilization. Only do not lock bubble-headed the lips in the mouth to the mouth. The raindrop gentle lips may fall on the forehead, the chin, the double cheek, even both eyes and eyebrow. Wild -like the suction kisses except feels his delicacy of tongue, why not tastes the earlobe? If lips may either deeply or the depth extend shallowly, thinks of a way enables it also the crosswise development, must be able to excavate the different interest. Has a look at graph which of the lips provides from Los Angeles treatment expert Dr. Ava Cadell, poor hand's you can also according to the chart wing, display well again:

1st, has kissed gently first spouse's facial cast. From the brow starts, the downward exploration to the chin with the double cheek, falls finally the fixed point to the bilabial spot.

2nd, following, the lip and the lip play go on stage officially. Stretches out the tip of tongue to open opposite party lip piece gently, transfers, tastes in his mouth the smell. The majority of people this time can suck opposite party tongue impatiently, but suggested that you leave are too hasty and impatient. Imagines itself to jump Tango-- by the tip of tongue to have room for maneuver, plays the game which as if with opposite party tongue frequents each other, also seems a mischievous child Daithi enticement charm, hangs his appetite, deepens your mystical feeling!

3rd, finally boldly pushes directly into! Teases opposite party sense organ, lets the moist tongue each other rendezvous, joyfully to peak!
(4) selects the sexy belt

According to the statistics, the man most enjoys in order kisses the route is “from top to bottom” and “after going to”--Tries to look that by the different pressure, the different humidity's lips examines his fervor index, the alert to opposite party's response, discovers his sexy belt. “if his specific spot because of will kiss will appear the muscle-bound, do not give up, continuing to tease him--This is mostly his sexy belt.”Natural therapist Cohen Greene said. “I to lips of the navel felt specially enjoys.”

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