Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The healthy human body surface has 1000 kind of harmless bacteria

The American scholars study the discovery, the healthy human body surface layer altogether is covering about 1000 kind of bacteria, but these bacteria are not only harmless to the humanity, even possibly has the pivotal function to human body's normal operation.

According to Singapore "United Zaobao" cites "Los Angeles Post" reported that the American State-run Health Research institute's scientific researchers launch the research demonstrated that will dwell through will evolve unceasingly in the human body surface layer bacterium, comes to be in sole possession of the special characteristic fully using the human body spot. Some bacteria in the human forearm “the desert land” the reproduction, some will like in addition in the armpit “the tropical rain forest” the joyful growth. Scientific researchers' from 10 wish public figure body 20 spot collection bacterium sample, collects finally to 112,283 bacteria. These spots from eyebrow's greasy spot, have to toe's between moist spot. The scientific researchers discovered that each square inch dwells in the moist spot like navel and the elbow the curved place bacterium, equally in dry and clear spot like forearm inside ten times. However, dwells in forearm's bacterium type are most, the figure is 44 kinds. The bacterium type least spots are the ear following greasy spot, the figure is 15 kinds.

Scientific researchers when research concentrates desirably in the comparison possibly presents eczema and Psoriasis's spot, hoped that can understand well how to solve this kind of skin problem.

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