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Summer drinks to heart's content the beer to pay attention in a big way 5 “is not suitable”

The hot summer day, the beer receives the human to welcome specially, is treated as the necessary drinks which by many people spends the summer. The beer includes the rich amino acid and the Vitamin, and can whet the appetite is good for the spleen, the solution hot weather to allay fever, indeed is suitable for summer to drink. But overflows to drink the beer the harm not to be possible to belittle similarly, drinks when pays attention to related “not the suitable item”, can the beneficial body and mind.

It is not suitable takes the beer to relieve thirst

The beer regards as by many people relieves thirst, stops the perspiration the cool drink. But drinks the beer in fact, possibly instead lets thirsty, the perspiration be fiercer. According to the health 863 network's health care experts said that beer when drinking has the cool comfort, but when the ethyl alcohol enters the human body, will stimulate the adrenalin the secretion, makes the palpitation to speed up, the vasodilatation, the body surface radiation to increase, thus increases the moisture evaporation, causes the mouth to do. At the same time, the ethyl alcohol will also stimulate the kidney, acceleration metabolism and the urination, will cause the body to drain the moisture content. In addition, the ethyl alcohol dissolves after the blood, will make blood's stickiness to increase, forces in blood vessel's blood to organize from the blood vessel to take up water, will dilute the blood, this will also cause the mouth to do. The suggestion after drinking the beer personally, drinks the massive plain boiled water and the pale tea, by prompt supplement in vivo moisture content.

It is not suitable matches bakes food

Many people like in the summer night on the one hand drinking on the other hand the beer to eat bake, this kind of Guang Shou welcome diet matching is very actually possible to induce the uarthritis even cancer. The expert reminds, bakes food mostly for the seafood, the animal internal organs as well as the meats, they and the beer are the same, are high purine foods, but the purine metabolic anomalies induces uarthritis's important attribute, if simultaneously eats food to bake with the beer, will cause to contract uarthritis's risk to increase. In addition, in bakes in the process, not only will produce the carcinogen, moreover in the meats nucleic acid can have the gene mutation after the pyrolysis, will produce the careinogen. But will drink wine to cause the digestive tract vasodilatation, and will dissolve the digestive tract mucous membrane surface the mucus protein, will cause these carcinogen to be extremely easy by the human body absorption, will enlarge the carcinogenic risk. Therefore drinks when the beer should avoid eating as far as possible bakes, if wants to eat really, may simultaneously eat some green vegetable, reduces the side effect.

The liquor warm is not suitable excessively lowly

The hot sun is hot, drinks the iced beer to let the human feel incomparably comfortably, but the temperature excessively low beer not only affects the feeling in the mouth, but also possibly induces many kinds of vigorous sickness. The expert indicated that even if is deposits in refrigerator's beer should also control in 5-10 degrees Celsius, because the beer contains the carbon dioxide solubility to change along with the temperature height, beer each ingredient is coordinated balanced in this temperature sector, not can only form the best taste, the temperature is excessively low is not tasty, will cause in the liquor fluid the protein to have the decomposition, the dissociation, the nutrient content receives the destruction. More importantly, the liquor will heat lowly will have caused the drinking wine gastro-intestinal tract the temperature rapid decline, the blood stream quantity to reduce, affects the digestion function, will be serious when may cause saccadic stomach diseases and so on abdominal pain, diarrhea, and may cause the duodenum intrinsic pressure to elevate, will then cause the ductus pancreaticus intrinsic pressure to elevate, stimulates the pancreatic gland secretion, the suggestion acute pancreatitis.

Drinks not suitably excessive

The beer alcohol content is not high, therefore many people drink to one's heart's content in the summer, even treats as it spends the summer the drink to drink. But drinks the beer unlimitedly in fact, similarly harms the human body. The expert pointed out that drinks the beer massively personally, drinks the massive moisture contents will discharge very quickly, but the ethyl alcohol will be absorbed actually, if the entire summer excessive will drink the beer, will increase the liver, the kidney and heart's burden enormously, will cause the damage to these body's important organ. At the same time, because brews the beer in the big malt to include the oxalic acid, the Ukrainian nucleotide, their interaction, can make in human body's uric acid quantity to increase, urges the stone formation. In addition, because the beer nutrition is rich, the heat energy is big, contains the nutrient content to be also easy by the human body absorption, will drink massively will create in vivo fat stack, will therefore not be suitable drinks. The expert suggested that individual drinks the quantity not to surpass 1000 milliliters every day.

The fat person is not suitable drinks the fresh beer

Division beer since fresh beer, of ripe beer. The fresh beer general has not undergone the degenerated sterilization, the smell and the feeling in the mouth is friends with Yu Shoupi, and retained the enzyme activeness, is advantageous decomposes in the macro-molecule material, therefore includes a richer amino acid and may dissolve the protein, therefore often receives compared to ripe beer welcome, but must pay attention to the fat person not to be suitable to drink lives beer. The expert reminds, because the fresh beer contains the saccharomycetes after entering the human body still could survive, may promote in human body's gastric juice secretion, and strengthens person's appetite, thus drinks fresh beer liquor Yi Shiren to put on weight, the fat person will drink will drink more is fatter. The fat person and loses weight the human is suitable drinks ripe beer, because ripe beer after the pasteurization, in the liquor saccharomycetes has been killed by the high temperature, will not continue to ferment, sends the fat possibility to be relatively small.

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