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Obese infection! About body weight interesting fact

Regarding obese possibly has some interesting fact possibly you ever not to hear, if obese may infect, the ear infects may cause changes the fat probability increases! The following is the American scientists obtains most newly about the body weight 13 interesting facts, actually the stature is not most important, the health is!

1. Obese most is the calamity which the gene annoys

The scientist first time had discovered on one kind of obese mouse body this kind of gene, they are called it “the fat person gene”. Many years later, when the scientists will seek increase will cause the human gene which II diabetes risk will enlarge, “the fat person gene” appeared, now, this kind of gene had the official name “FTO”. They discovered that has not compared, the human who with this kind of gene's person carries two this kind of gene contracts diabetes' risk to increase 40%, turns fat person's risk to increase 60%. Now, the scientist suspected that causes the obese gene to have many. The Louisiana State University system fragrance ni lives medicine Research center's executive director Chrowder? Borchard Dr. said: “possibly has more than 100. This gene increases several pounds in your this spot, that gene increases several pounds body weights for another spot, puts together, your body weight greatly will increase.”The approximately 16% people carry 2 fat person genes, the approximately 50% people carry 1 fat person gene. Now, the scientist suspected that compares with the fat person gene, other possible to affect the build the gene action to be very small. What then the good news is? Borchard said: “has inherits the easy feeling physique, not necessarily was equal to that has been sentenced the death penalty.”The exercise is frequently may reduce the obese risk.

2. Some people have more fatty cells

Stockholm Kaluolinsika Institute's Kesidi? Dr. Spahr Ding said that some people carry compared to other person of many two time of fatty cell. Even if you subtract several pounds or increase weight several pounds, your fatty cell quantity still maintained invariable, therefore, loses weight the plan so easily to be always defeated by the body weight bounce. New fatty cell when childhood starts to appear, but as if no longer produced to the puberty. Was doomed had the massive fatty cell's person possibly when 2 years old to start to produce these cells. Even if the children reduce the quantity of heat to take, fatty cell's growth speed also possibly can be quick. Some people wrote a letter for Dr. Spahr Ding said that these findings let them feel was depressed. But, Spahr Ding said that she brings is not the good news by no means. Has more fatty cell's you to have the fatty cell these to be less than, but eats and drinks extravagantly changes the fat person is healthier. The new research demonstrated that the big stomach race is easier to suffer from with the obese related healthy complication. Although you are unable to reduce oneself fatty cell's total, but, you always could find some methods to let them “not grow up”.

3. So long as will increase the weight 11 pounds to slow down metabolism!

The change which other has studied the human from the Scandinavian Peninsula scientific group changes is fat when the cell occurs. Helsinki University center Hospital nutriology assistant professor Coss has conducted the contrast research to several pair of fat person twins and the thin person twin. They discovered that the obese twin's fatty cell has had metabolism change, causes the combustion fat becomes difficult. The skin Turle graciousness's research team suspected, so long as will increase the weight 11 pounds to slow down metabolism, formerly will turn the vicious circle for a long time: So long as changes fat is very difficult to subtract. How should that be good? Answer or platitudes. Coss said: “my research are more, I more thought that we need to exercise the body.”She passes is a fat child, now she jogs frequently, the body weight changed is normal.

4. The pressure lets you be unconscious “the drum” to get up

The most direct route is the feed syndrome: Pressure situation (, as if talking to you face to face will exert pressure near fund question or boss) will light you to contain the carbohydrate fast-food fervor richly, these foods can be tranquil you the stress hormone. In the research, the scientist from fully suffered the pressure mouse there to take richly including carbohydrate food, these mouse's stress hormone rose suddenly. The stress hormone can also increase the fat reserves. To our prehistoric ancestor, the pressure means that the drought or tiger's approaching, the fast depot fat's process is important. We need the extra energy to deal with food short or and the tiger fight. Today, we are sit in there feel our pressure, the quantity of heat can pile up naturally in ours abdomen. Suggested: Must want to lose weight, besides the movement, you must pull out the time affable relief pressure frequently, you may report the yoga class, may also spend together the time with the family member.

5. Is pregnant mother decides the embryo destiny

Is pregnant mother to smoke can increase the newborn body weight excessively low risk, will be pregnant mother to drink wine to harm embryo's cerebrum. Then ill health food cannot create the similar consequence? More and more scientists discovered that before you are born the mother to help you to take in excessively many carbohydrates and fat class food are indeed harmful you the health! An item demonstrated to mouse's research that in the body weight overweight female mouse's glucose and womb's free fatty acids level the mouse which is more normal than the body weight is high. These molecular promotion protein's release, will possibly affect cerebrum's appetite control which and metabolism system will grow. Is suitable frequently is also suitable in mouse's experiment for the humanity. Was pregnant mothers to pay attention: Must want to give the child a healthy start, before they are born you to pay attention eat the nutrition health.

6. The sleep are more, loses weight is quicker

The US “the obese academic society” former chairman, soon promotes "Losing weight" a book Dr. Louise Lunn when the diagnosis obese patient, not only need inquire them the food habit, but must find out their sleep situation. If patient sleep time insufficient 7 to 8 hours, Dr. Lunn will possibly open some sleep class medicine to them. He said: “has the enough sleep, they will have more intense full abdomen feeling, will subtract naturally the body weight.”Why? University of Chicago's researchers reported that the sleep affected our hormone balance insufficient, caused to be helpful in us felt that the full abdomen's thin element reduced, the hungry element increased. Therefore, although we are not hungry, we will also feel that hungry wants to eat the thing. In fact, the sleep possibly is the most inexpensive simple loses weight the method.

7. Obese possible to infect

When the height 1.88 meters, the body weight 160 kilogram husband subtracts 54 kilograms, Jodie dixon all sorts of feelings. She has taken her body weight very much, takes seriously to exercise; She lets the husband becomes diligently frequently enlivens some. The body is two child mother's dixon lives in New Jersey Furry Hald, she said that since after he loses weight, their life has had the very sweeping change. She recalled said: “the people throng, learns from experienced people to him. This lets me envy very much.”Therefore the dixon uses food to comfort itself, unconscious, her weight gain 9 kilograms, this time she only then has realized, she must take some measures to change this condition. She starts with the husband to ride the bicycle together, and participated in one item to diet the curriculum. Finally her body weight has subtracted 14 kilograms, now she still planned that becomes by oneself is again slender a spot. The research demonstrated that weight gain and reduces may infect. Publishes a on research pointed out in "New England Medical journal", if a person's spouse is very fat, this person has the possibility compared to other people changes the fat possibility reaches as high as 37%. The researchers summarized said that obese as if might infect through the social relationship network to other people. May see from the dixon example, the body weight descends fall as if may also infect, may infect at least to the family in other members. The dixon big daughter is also overweight, when after the dixon formulation loses weight the plan, her big daughter also defers to mother's healthy custom to do, the result her body weight also reduced 40 pounds.

8. The adenovirus may cause obese

From the upper respiratory tract question to the stomach disease, the adenovirus may cause many kinds of diseases. However injects this kind of virus in the Wisconsin University's researchers for the child, and discovered that before one kind of specific variety may cause these children put on weight, the people simply did not know that between the adenovirus and is obese has the relation. The stem cell is famous by its changeable ability, the researchers discovered that when injection adenovirus, the stem cell may also transform the fatty cell! The New Jersey Panningdu infection and obese specialized Associate Professor Nepali chi Durand said: “this kind of virus as if may increase in vivo in fatty cell quantity and these cell's fat content.”Through humanities and so on twin comparison study demonstrated that obese public figure in vivo has the possibility to include the adenovirus - 36 (adenovirus-36) this kind of special virus immune bodies truly! Professor Durand said: We already had the influenza vaccine, next step whether can research and develop the obese vaccine? This view sounds to be as if somewhat absurd does not pass through, but “the people were not have also spoken the similar words to cervical cancer? Now, cervical cancer vaccine has not been develops?”

9. Eats the biscuit and the cake may become addicted truly

Although eats the way which food becomes addicted with the way which takes drugs and drinks becomes addicted not to be dissimilar, but the scientist recent several years discover some inconceivable similarities between both. American New York state Upton the market cloth Rook sea article country laboratory's researchers discovered that when they give the experiment participant who the US the Philadelphia not bears the chemistry sense organ center to demonstrate when some they love food name which eats, these person's cerebrum has the emotional state the spot, with drug dependency's person saw when narcotics the cerebrum has the emotional state the spot to be the same. This kind of situation is possible and dopamine related, the dopamine and the motive and concern excitedly. If the obese public figure has the less dopamine acceptor, they must obtain the sense of joy, possibly on need more foods.

10. The ear infects may cause changes the fat probability increases!

For many years, Florida University Linda Bahtshook the sense of taste laboratory's scientific research group has wanted to clarify, why to the food flavor feeling not keen person, compares other people to have the possibility to turn the fat person?! Regarding this, researchers Derrick Sendall has his viewpoint, he believed that the ear infects causes to pass through middle ear's gustatory nerves to suffer injury, is causes this result a reason. Through carries on the analysis to 6584 survey forms, this scientific research group discovered that these ages surpass 35 years old, moreover once had presented the human who several ears infect, changes the fat possibility is other person's two times nearly! The research which carries on to other situations has provided some clues for the above question's answer. Before once had experienced the patient who the ear infects, has the possibility to like eating the sweets and including fat many foods, this possibly is because their gustatory nerves suffer injury, causes them is not keener to the sweets and the fat feeling. Even if only increases a points calorie every day, along with the time lapse, the calorie will also jump over the product to be more. The child time presents the ear to infect is equally very difficult with the catching cold cold to avoid, but limits the passive smoking as if to be possible to reduce the ear to infect the number of times effectively. If you are an overweight adult, moreover the childhood ear once seriously had infected, you possibly are more insensitive to food flavor and the quality of material. However looks for some healthier substitute commodity, for example replaces the candy with the fruit, perhaps or with the olive oil substitution butter, may while guaranteed that you eat better, guaranteed that your body weight is light some.

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