Monday, June 1, 2009

Five kind of foods easy to cause mother the breast milk to be insufficient

The mother's milk is the baby grows the most nature, to be only safest, most complete natural food, it includes all nutritions which and the immune body the baby grows needs. Some foods can affect mother the milk secretion, also will cause the baby to absorb the bad material.

1st, will suppress the milk secretion food: Like foods and so on fragrant-flowered garlic, malt water, ginseng.

2nd, irritant thing: Post-natal diet suitable light, do not eat these irritant goods, including: Pungent seasoning, hot pepper, liquor, coffee and cigarette and so on.

①Liquor: Generally speaking, the few liquor may promote the milk secretion, also does not have the influence to the baby; When excessive, will then suppress the milk secretion, also will affect the uterus contraction, therefore should consider that little will drink or does not drink.
②Coffee: Will cause human body's central nervous system to be excited. 1 cup is loaded with 150 milliliters coffee, namely includes 100 milliliters caffeine, normal person 1 day should better not surpass 3 cups. Although without the evidence indicated that it is harmful to the baby, but to nursing mother, should have controls drinks or the chronic gastric catarrh.
③Extremely stimulation seasoning: For instance thing and so on hot pepper, nurse mother to perform to control.

3rd, fries in oil food, fat high food: This kind of food is not easy to digest, and the quantity of heat is high, should consider the ingestion.

4th, cigarette and tobacco: If nurses mother in nursing period still smoked, the Nicotine will appear very quickly in the middle of the milk is absorbed by the baby. The research demonstrated that the Nicotine has the adverse effect to baby's respiratory tract, therefore, nurses mother should better to be able to stop smoking, and avoids inhaling the second-hand smoke.

5th, medicine: To nursed mother, although the majority of medicines under the general dosage, will not let the baby come under the influence, but still suggested that nursed mother before took medicine voluntarily, must tell doctor on own initiative the situation which nursed, so that doctor could start out the medicine which suitable to take, and chose the duration short medicine, achieved passes the milk the dose to be least. Moreover, if mother after having fed the baby mother's milk takes medicine, should the medicine density achieve when the milk is lowest feeds the baby again, such baby only then can be safer.

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