Thursday, June 11, 2009

Is careful the attractive fruit influence drug efficacy

Many people have eat the fruit every day the custom. But the fruit momentarily can eat by no means that before taking medicine, should better not eat. First, the most fruits including the citric acid and the malic acid, they will change in intestinal tract's acid and alkali environment, then indirect influence to medicine function. Next, in the fruit will also have an ingredient to disturb in human body's metabolism enzyme, will cause the medicine metabolism enzyme vigor to drop, the medicine density will elevate in vivo, has the untoward effect. Once more, in the fruit includes many mineral substance generally, like the calcium, the magnesium ion, this is disadvantageous to the medicine absorption, in takes to the mineral substance ingredient quite sensitive medicine, like kui when ketones medicine affects in a big way. Finally, the thoroughly ripe fruit has not included the massive organic acid, the para acid sensitive medicine takes together with these fruits will possibly cause the medicine completely or the partial invalidities.

Around therefore, the expert suggests, to take medicine for 1-2 hours not to eat the fruit for suitable.

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