Saturday, June 13, 2009

Must read the wedding night of absolute privacy data

The wedding night, what does the female most need? Our 100 investigation object said that is not attentive happy, but is wants to sleep. In fact, the female in summarizes this night's time, always uses a word: Dead-tired.

30% husbands and wives in wedding night of happy very quick going off. 25% husbands and wives have the sex life in the wedding night. 16% husbands and wives have the very good sex life in the wedding night. 97% husbands and wives before wedding night has had the sex life. 3% husbands and wives before wedding night does not have the sex life mutually. 76% females simply do not worry themselves in the wedding night of performance. 14% females worried whether they do display perfectly. 36% females when the second day wake in the morning is happy, wedding ceremony's over-detailed formalities ended finally, two people started the very affectionate honeymoon life. 23% females first thought that must fetter in the marriage. 19% females felt were still dead-tired, hoped that could rest for one week. other, but also some 26% newly married husbands and wives said that in the evening has not prepared the condom, can not but try to find solution temporarily, good distressed!

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