Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Places oneself the outer space environment to be possible for a long time to send the stature facial features changes the clown

The researchers some day freely roamed through the outer space for the fantasy or migrate other stars to sprinkle a trough cold water: The research indicated that if the human the long time places oneself the outer space, the facial features and the stature will possibly receive affect.

The researchers said that can make one for a long time in the outer space life changes short, puts on weight, the hair changes bare. In University of London Institute outer space biologist Dr. Louise · Dutt said in the scientific festival which British Qieertengnamu conducted, if the human lived many years in the approach zero gravity's environment, the skeleton and the muscle could degenerate, the stature therefore gradually changed short. Britain Daily Telegraph cites in Dutt words to report that under the null-gravity state, the body fluid wells up the forehead, the face meets the edema “to differ so much as to be beyond comparison”. Moreover, “downward walks in the outer space microgravity environment does not need to spend any strength, in addition in the space ship the temperature is moderate, the astronaut will put on weight gradually”. Those who make the human “fearful” is, “the people do not need the hair to help the forehead heat preservation, also does not need the eyelash to block the dust for the eye, therefore, on the outer space resident body possibly completely will not have in the future the hair”.

Will become from Earth's outer space resident ugly, that “will be locally born” what appearance can the alien be? In Dutt guessed: “human body's certain characteristics, like the eye, and the leg ' in gradually will possibly evolve in the different `world, but after these (evolution) the characteristic should still be possible to identify ......But other characteristics, like outside the star biology has how many legs, trees' shape and the color and so on, along with will locate the `world ' differently to have a difference.”The researchers are thick to the alien interest. The US launches “the Kepler” at the beginning of this year the outer space telescope, is for the purpose of possibly exploring to have the life the kind of place planet, seeks for “family of the alien”. Daily Telegraph reported that even if to the Earth recent solar system outside kind of place planet, is also distanced the Earth to be remote, the humanity wants to think that reaches possibly needs several generation of people unceasingly diligently. In Dutt extrapolated, when the first batch of humanity mounts the kind of place planetary hour, their semblance will possibly frighten the alien.

If in Dutt “changes clown's view” is only extrapolated, that Holland researchers' research based on the reality, namely the human in the space travel possibly can the headache. The Dutch Leiden University medicine center researchers make a follow-up visit 17 astronauts, discovered that 71% people are going to the international space station period headache. Some headache outbreak in start-up period, when some occur in spacing walk, in addition some when landing. These astronauts usually did not have the headache medical history. Some astronauts formerly had reported the headache, the people usually think that and in the outer space “seasickness” related. However, the Leiden University researchers said that the headache with “seasickness” and is connected not directly. “our research indicated that the space flight can initiate the headache,” because medicine center researcher Allah · Uygur said that the reason was still indefinite, but should be related with the outer space microgravity, because it will destroy person's equilibrium sense.

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