Monday, June 8, 2009

The parents interfere are more, relates with the children is more anxious

An American research discovery, many parents once had had the relational tense time with they grown-up children, the children age is bigger, the question is more serious. The University of Michigan manages this investigation and study Researcher Jina Budi said: “the parents and children's relations are one which of most long-time relational the humanity establishes, usually is very positive and supports mutually, but also often contains enrages, is anxious and is contradictory.”Budi et al. investigated some parents and 22 year-old above children altogether 474 people, involves the question including to create the relational tense each aspect, like disposition difference, children financial situation, housework management custom, life style and so on. The result showed that the parents the children more complained the following question initiation the relations are more intense than: Children's life style and behavior (including finance and housework management). Budi believed that this is because the parents have more investments in the reciprocity, moreover cares about children's maturing very much.

The parents and daughter's relations are more intense than and son's relations, because the daughter and the parents relates is closer, thus has the contradictory opportunity to be bigger. The children reflected that is more anxious than with mother's relations the father, mainly concentrates contradictory in “the disposition difference” and “parents' interference” on - - the mother are more than the father to children's interference, is also higher to intimate relation's request.what is beyond expectation, the children age is bigger, is not better with parents' relations. Budi extrapolated that compared, the children who with the young people marched into the middle age has also established own family, has shouldered the multiple roles, to dropped with parents' relational investment; On the other hand, the parents are this time senile gradually, needs children's attention, finally has formed the contradiction.

“the evasion contradiction is not means”, Budi unifies other research to obtain the positive information: The parents and the children want constructively to solve the problem, for example contains opposite party wish, to understand opposite party idea and so on.

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