Thursday, June 4, 2009

The nightmare are many, before sleeping, might as well eats several slice of breads

When hypoglycemia, the human will feel tired, weary, hot tempered, the slow reaction and so on. The research also discovered that hypoglycemia also possibly after going to sleep launches an attack, causes the human to call out in alarm easily in the nightmare awakes, the whole body perspiration, goes to sleep again with difficulty.

Why does the hypoglycemia with have a bad dream or nightmare related?

The experimental study confirmed that the human in the sleep process, formal alternation carries on by the quick wave sleep and slow wave sleep two. The quick wave sleep said that “has the dream sleep”, the human has a dream is occurs in this time interval. The research indicated that in the quick wave sleep's process, human's nervous excitation advances, in the brain the protein synthesis speeds up. When hypoglycemia, the cerebrum power service insufficiency, the protein synthesis is blocked, will cause the quick wave sleep time expand, this time the nerve excitability will advance, the nightmare possibly momentarily will occur. Otherwise, when the blood sugar is normal, the human in the sleep process, protein synthesis metabolism, the energy supply and so on is at the normal physiological condition, the quick wave sleep and the slow wave sleep are the order carry on alternately, the nervous system cannot the overexcited, therefore is not easy to have the nightmare.

Carbohydrate food can correct the hypoglycemia, if you often have a bad dream or nightmare, before resting, might as well eats several slice of breads or two small biscuits tries, may also drink the milk which a cup sweetens. This possibly reduces the nightmare to you, to improve the sleep quality to have certain help.

What is worth mentioning, some diabetic goes to sleep the difficulty, the nightmare also many (this often by neglect). This often easy to present the hypoglycemia with the diabetic to concern. Therefore, when the patient the hypoglycemia outbreak, may consider the adjustment medication frequently at night, or eats up few before resting. Certainly, these should better carry on under doctor's instruction.

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