Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Eats any fish to be possible the effective against cancer

Newest "Dutch Healthy Meals Guide" has made the quantification explanation specially to the adult healthy meals, suggested specially every week eats two times at least the fish, each time 100~150 grams, at least one time for high fat fish.

The advocate eats the fish and shrimp much, generally the suggestion eats 50~100 grams, the fish and shrimp which adult one week eats half catty about is the fundamental quantity request every day, particularly deep sea fish. the fish contains materials and so on animal protein and calcium, phosphorus and Vitamin A, D, B1, B2, animal meats and so on pork, chicken is higher. The fish flesh contains the protein is the complete protein, the protein contains the essential amino acids quantity and ratio with human body's similar, most suits the human body need, is digested easily the absorption, its absorption rate reaches as high as 96%. other, the fish includes rich Vitamin D, Ou Miqie - 3 and the multi-unsaturated fatty acid, these are the very good oxidation resistance, the anticancer treatment material, it can lower the cholesterol and the glycerin, prevents the blood coagulation.

Sweden Kaluolinsika the Medical school researchers once had done after more than 60,000 the breast X light perspective's woman food habit and the condition carry on the inquiry and the analysis, discovered that every week eats a time high fat fish at least, contracts the kidney cancer probability to be possible to reduce 74%. the high fat fish is mainly includes: The salmon, the pacific herring, the sardine and the black carp and so on fish which lives in the deep sea, the low fat fish has the cod, the perch and the tuna and so on, the high fat fish contains Vitamin D to want high 5 times, the deep sea fish oil Central Europe rice gal - 3 fatty acid content to want about many 20 times. Even if does not have the condition to eat the high fat fish, eats the fresh water fish similarly to be also advantageous to the health.

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