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Not depending on spectrum 6 kind of healthy fables

Not depending on spectrum 6 kind of healthy fablesVitamin C may prevent cold

in 1954 the Nobel chemistry prize and in 1962 Nobel Peace Prize winner American chemist Bao Lin has composed one named "Vitamin C And Ordinary Cold" book. In the book major point is takes 1000 milligram or more Vitamin C every day may prevent cold; Vitamin C may the anti-virus. However, several large-scale experiments confirmed that although Vitamin C is helpful in cold patient reduces the symptom, no matter but to the adult or the child, any credible evidence had not proven, takes large dose Vitamin C to be possible to prevent cold. What needs to pay attention, the long time large dose takes in Vitamin C possibly to cause the diarrhea, anemia and the uninary system stone. Doctor suggested that the daily Vitamin C amount of radiation do not surpass 200 milligrams.
Not depending on spectrum 6 kind of healthy fablesBefore resting, eats the thing easy to gain weight

The people often warned the hope is slim before the girl rests, do not eat the thing, the reason is the time person metabolism which sleeps is slow, the calorie cannot “the combustion fall” by the body, the energy is easier to transform the fat to store up. Actually, the calorie which and a calorie not difference which takes in the evening takes in the daytime. The reason that forms this kind of misunderstanding, is because before the people rest eat up, often chooses the biscuit, potato chips these between-meal snack, they are high thermal foods.
Not depending on spectrum 6 kind of healthy fablesThe gingko leaf makes tea the beneficial health

In the gingko leaf blade includes has the oxidation resistance nature flavanone class material massively. Some experiments proved that the flavanone may improve experimental animal's heart blood vessel of brain function, and has certain anti-tumor function. However, in the gingko leaf blade also includes the another material - - white tartaric acid, it is also causes the people to eat the maidenhair tree poison the material.
Not depending on spectrum 6 kind of healthy fablesEats the spinach to make up the iron

The spinach is almost the same as other green vegetable's hard content, moreover the spinach contains the oxalic acid richly, this has instead affected the hard absorption. This fable's source is one which in 1870 scholar Wolfe published about the spinach in the hard content report. Until 1937, the people only then discovered that Wolfe will have selected wrong in the future the decimal point. However, in the spinach Vitamin A, E and the renieratene content is quite high, eats the spinach indeed beneficial health.
Not depending on spectrum 6 kind of healthy fablesEats chocolate growing smallpox

To the chocolate amateur, the good news is this view is also a wrong healthy fable. Eats the chocolate initiation acne has not obtained experiment's confirmation. At present to the ordinary acne's treatment based on the control sebum secretion, guaranteed that the hair-follicle unobstructed, maintains the skin is clean and control bacterial infection.
Not depending on spectrum 6 kind of healthy fablesThe milk lives the phlegm

Many mothers do not dare to give cold's child to drink the milk, the reason are the milk live the phlegm. An Australia's research team recruited some volunteers, lets them infect the nose virus (is also ordinary cold's pathogen), undergoes 10 day-long observation, they had not discovered that drinks the milk and sputamentum secretion any relation. But the people form the milk to live the phlegm the subjective understanding are because the milk can let our saliva becomes mounts thickly, thus felt that as if has the phlegm.

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