Monday, June 29, 2009

The research thought that sits the public transportation to wear the ear plug to be possible to protect the hearing

The US Washington University and Columbia University's researchers discovered that the urban mass transit produces the noise level causes the hearing to suffer injury sufficiently, moreover this kind of damage is permanent. It is estimated that the world approximately has 30,000,000 person of hearing at present by the noise injury.

The scientists have surveyed New York mass transit system's noise level, discovered that in the transportation vehicle, the subway amounts to 80.4 decibels, the light rail also has 79.4 decibels; The station quarrelled, the subway platform amounts to 102.1 decibels, the bus platform amounts to 101.6 decibels. The overall situation is: Outside the vehicle is higher than in the vehicle, the major stop is higher than the minor stop, underground is higher than ground.

Columbia University's Dr. Gershon said: In the noisy platform, the dull 2 minutes then sufficiently create the waiting for a train passenger's hearing drop every day. Washington University's Nizer indicated: Exposes for a long time in the noise slightly weak environment can create the chronic harm, moreover noise level, so long as increases points, will suffer injury the risk obviously to increase, for example, 95 decibels risks will be 85 decibels 10 times, 75 decibels 100 times, “your sense of hearing acuity, so long as will drop 10 decibels, you will hear clearly others speech ability greatly to sell at a discount.”

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US Environmental Protection Department and the World Health Organization recommend: The daily 24 hour average noise level should below 70 decibels, not affect the hearing generally. Gershon said that except acoustic trauma, excessive noise also with hypertension, heart disease, endocrine disorder, sleep disorder related, even can affect child's learning capability. Therefore, the scientists suggested that strengthens individual protection. Not only listens to music the earphone not to be able to reduce the noise, instead also will increase, because the people will raise the MP3 volume have pressed the periphery noise. Each kind of noise suppression ear plug, the ear shield may fall effectively the noise level to the margin for safety, suggested goes out sits the public transportation time puts on.

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