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Office friendship eight big death anniversaries

You have thought you are an unequalled staff - - are not late, do not leave early, complete the work punctually, ever does not walk off with another's possessions to company's big and small stationery. However do not forget, not only weighs a person job performance the fit and unfit quality sometimes and only looked that individual own performance, with periphery environment's coordinated is also one of important inspection aspects. requests itself strictly constantly in the work no doubt well, but if are excessively many with the colleague discord, also will become you to lead to the steps to success the hidden rock, cannot look down upon. Therefore, nobody wants into not in the least the personal connection “the repugnant insect”. The following has the mirror, please compare was looking whether in oneself did have no intention to violate has endured.

1st, revelation secret

The so-called secret, certainly is having the secret facts which secretive or are not willing to make public to the world, based on to good friend trust, perhaps to indicate that oneself to the good friend the trust, only then private densely will make a clean breast. If has heard own private dense to make public in other population, does not need to ask, the rebel has one. The friendship which and the trust is betrayed the human who is certainly annoying once paid. If in the secret involves the third party, will cause matter one round, but beyond redemption. Therefore, no matter is the good intentions or the malicious revelation secret, is the office friendship big death anniversary.

2nd, alone being promoted

If you are promoted first compared to the good friend, fears this section of friendships very quickly on the transposition, because two person of statuses are not equal, in addition in psychology subtle competition and comparison, the sour taste fills the air very quickly, does not ferment because of the sense of insecurity feels inferior also the unseemly behavior. Certainly, some people because of will not take into consideration good friend's mood to give up being promoted the opportunity, but if has occurred, remembered that will forgive opposite party mood, will make the suitable response, and will perform to comfort the debonding as far as possible.

3rd, dashing guy current

The condition good man is between the good friend the severest test, if dashing guy to good friend between a model person shows good will the feeling, very difficult not to cause the damage. If two people like the identical man, that announced friendship breaking off simply. Best independent processing emotion life, before love foundation is not yet stable, even if most intimate friend, also do not tow is going to the man who together appointment that has not been clear about the relations. To do not like probing, also do not seek after the victory the feeling.

4th, spreading malicious gossip

If you crave extremely in disseminating some vulgar interest rumor, at least do not count on that other people crave similarly in listening attentively. These “different insufficient is the stratagem” for fear that the colleague sooner or later will evade to you are inferior. Even if you rely on the favorite who each kind of hearsay becomes in the tea waterhouse for a while, but has a big mouth to one talker, forever nobody will treat you by the sincerity.

5th, poison gas launching a psychological attack

The discontent has mind filled with, is in a towering rage, these are “broadcast the poison” the most remarkable characteristic. Although occasionally some “confidential” complains can the how many construction one kind “the office friendship” the false appearance, but talks endlessly the complaint can let the person be miserable beyond description. Perhaps you complain one way which regards as has a frank and sincere talk, but will complain sues terminus will then sublimate anger. The people strange, since you will be so discontented to the present situation, not will trade why simply an environment, will go to faraway places.

6th, flatters boss

If one of good friends likes flattering boss, struggles for favor to boss, usually will cause another side not to be able to get used to seeing affects the sentiment. If needs to flatter really, the two people reach agreement to flatter. Do not make some petty actions in private, lets opposite party suspect that you to the friendship loyalty even suspected your personality, simultaneously also worried usually can betray to boss's complaint by you, borrows is offering the information to climb up the higher order. In the office one of most beneficial body's and mind's movements, criticizes boss together in the behind, many colleagues are because “the common enemy” grows revolutionary sentiment, if were discovered you worked as the informer secretly, the friendship had henceforth been finished.

7th, making no distinction between what one's own and what belongs to the public

“is conscientious in discharging official duties” is also one of friendship murderers. Perhaps a side is thinking, we such are friends with, why requests to me such strictly? Even if had an accident, should also cover me is. But another side actually thought: Knew perfectly well that we such are friends with, should not feel embarrassed I, completes the matter lets me to the above confession, should not be old some situations to kill me! So is unable to achieve the mutual recognition, will cause many inconvenient and the damage, especially will have the mistake in official business, will blame mutually the situation will cause the injury, when especially middle a side will therefore withstand company's penalty, this section of friendships will be again also unable to recall. Suggested that the office good friends look for a time to make a clear distinction the first demarcation line, make a clear demarcation between public and private interests, but must constantly at heart is whispering: “you how will do this?”

8th, puts out a hand asking for money

Opens the mouth to the friend to lend money casually can only cause conflict between friend's. Opened the mouth actually not to be able to borrow the money, will complain opposite party to be ungrateful, thought that so will be usually good, originally will be only the superficial time; Lent money will think that the friendship presented the impurity, but must worry whether to have not returns. If has not been able to render back the money as scheduled, is owed money will possibly cause the repugnance: Such has been ripe, comes this move unexpectedly with me, was too excessive! Will owe money will be also discontented: This situation is also like I hopes, the friend is the adversity sees the true feelings, if one day of you to look like me to be equally bad luck, to hope that I put out a hand to help? If adds on family member's blame, under the pressure the friendship is unable to exist forever.

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