Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Vitamin drink will drink too many will be poisoned, spends the summer drinks the weak tea

The summer is the drink sale peak, in the market each kind of Vitamin drink is flaunting the healthy banner big line of its road. However the expert pointed out that the Vitamin drink better and better, is unable to substitute for the vegetables fruit by no means.

Many white-collars crave drink each kind of Vitamin drink, makes up does not have the time to eat the fruit the insufficiency. Regarding this, the expert reminds, drinks drink supplement Vitamin C is may, but the drink lacks the fruit other beneficial ingredients, like kind of flavanone, anthocyanidin, meals textile fiber, potassium and so on. Moreover, the Vitamin is the human body essential nutrient, but is not the better and better. The human body needs any kind of Vitamin has limits the quantity, somewhat will surpass the standard amount of radiation to be poisoned; But the water-soluble Vitamin will surpass the required quantity to discharge along with the urine. In addition, in the drink also has the chemical additive, will drink for a long time will have the adverse effect to the body. Needs to control the human who energy, the sugar minute takes to probably pay attention, the most drink sugar contents are not low.

The expert reminds, summer must spend the summer relieves thirst, with its choice bottled drink, was inferior that oneself makes tea drinks, drinks the weak tea particularly green tea. Not only the green tea can spend the summer relieves thirst, in the tea many chemical composition to the human body is beneficial, like tea polyphenol, coffeine, tea polysaccharide and so on. In addition, in the tea also includes the rich Vitamin and the mineral substance, is the summer is suitable spends the summer the drink.

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