Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Scotland becomes the Type A H1N1 flu's victimized persons, because doubts Vitamin D to lack

According to Britain “The Times” the report, the total population approximately 5,100,000, the land area only occupies British island area 1/3 Scotland, fully suffered pain of this Type A H1N1 epidemic disease, it may be said that head of the entire European. At present has 530 example already diagnosis case, 441 example suspicious cases, and some 300 clinical diagnosis suspected case, the total number of people have surpassed 1200 people. Comparatively, many European great nations actually nearly hao send have not injuried. The English total population is Scotland's 10 times, reported that the case actually only has 1062 people; Austrian 7 examples, Portuguese 3 examples, French 80 examples, German 170 examples, Spanish 488 examples. Irish 12 examples.

Regarding this astonishing result, a Scotland epidemiology expert said that each time epidemic disease's global eruption, except disease's factor, is the social gap between rich and poor performance. The income low social class because of the bad environment, not the good food habit, purchases the nutriment is incapable the health “the charge”, as well as suffers feeling inferior which for a long time the social oppression brings and despairs and so on a series of factors, thus change infection virus. But this Type A H1N1 flu domestic wreaks havoc in Scotland, a simpler answer is vivid, that is the blue bonnet is at the Vitamin D deficient Asia healthy condition for a long time.

Little while ago The Times did the science survey result, indicated that Vitamin D and individual state of health have the astonishing relation. If cancer, as well as immune systems and so on diabetes with Vitamin D insufficiency close related. Especially in Scotland such long-term haze, the annual mean sunshine time few countries, extrapolated according to the scientist, the Vitamin D ingestion quantity is insufficient the blue bonnet is England's two times. It is well known, usually the winter is flu big eruption season, because the people in vivo's Vitamin content usually is quite at this time low. At present regarding this epidemic disease in the Scotland large-scale eruption reason, was still has wide divided opinions. Some person of indictment are Scotland's medical service supervisory system are too loose, has not played the monitoring role. Also some people complained that the Scotland government's medical disbursement was lower than the entire British level by far. Is precisely because “healthy deficit” the reason, only then causes the blue bonnet in front of disease even more “frail”.

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