Saturday, June 20, 2009

In the morning gets up eats the fruit, the nutrition is best

The fruit is different with the vegetables, its edible way difference, is also the important attribute. The fruit flavor good feeling in the mouth is good, suits the raw food, since may the raw food, not need the cooking, the edible time is more optional, momentarily thought that may eat. However looking from the nutrition angle, the edible fruit also somewhat is really when fastidious.

Is opposite in the meat, the birds and beasts, the fish, the egg and the grain, the fruit vegetables has its characteristic in the nutrition, includes the rich Vitamin and the meals textile fiber. The Vitamin is a kind of small molecular organic matter, although human body's required quantity are quite few, but actually has various important physiological function, the question is takes the organic matter, the nature not greatly stably, in processes in the cooking process, easy to denaturate the destruction. Vitamin C, especially is specially sensitive to the temperature, the heating fever boils when loses is very big.

The fruit raw food, basic did not pass through the processing, the Vitamin extremely little loses, has made up the vegetables insufficiency. Therefore should better the fruit also as the meals structure constituent, each meal arrange a fruit, in order to the supplement Vitamin is Vitamin C specially, this to improves each meal overall nutritional quality to be of great help. Many families are familiar with one day to eat one time the fruit, that obviously when breakfast edible is more ideal, because the breakfast is simpler, very little has the cooked food to be eaten with rice or bread, needs the fruit to provide the Vitamin. Moreover, after passes the night sleeps soundly, the gastro-intestinal tract was already clear spatially, in fruit's meals textile fiber can play “the street sweeper” the role, eliminates on the intestines wall's deleterious substance, eliminates the intestinal tract trouble tumor the risk. The meals textile fiber also has the adjustment improvement blood sugar blood fats, to enhance the human body immunity the function. The maintenance health, starts from the morning.

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