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Most stodginess ten kind of foods

Fries in oil food, the chocolate, the ice cream, the cream mashed potatoes ......These broadly the delicacy which is liked the populace, actually does not suit each person. If you the stomach is quite usually frail, suggested how has a look at the American MSN website newest announcement 10 kind of most stodginess foods to eat.

Fries in oil food

Looks like the fried chicken block, the French fries and so on fries in oil food inevitable is richly including the fat and the high fat, but these two materials will pile up in the stomach will create disease. The fat will produce one kind will be called “the acrylic acid” the material under the high temperature, this material very stodginess. American Florida Aolanduo nutritionist Tara Gidus said: “if you already contract aspect and so on gastroenteritis diseases, then must pay attention especially little eats the multi-oils, the soapily to fry in oil food, will otherwise cause some ill symptoms, for instance gastric disorder, diarrhea and so on.”

Countermeasure: Actually must satisfy desire of the food and drink, gives up frying in oil can also obtain the delicious feeling, for instance wants to obtain creak creak enjoyment, eats the salt taste potato chips definitely ill health, but may seek for the manufacture potato chip other methods, for instance cures, but is not fries in oil, either the choice eats the low fat or non-fat food, for instance crisp biscuit, hollow puffed rice and so on.

Pungent food

The red pepper or the Mexican pepper can stimulate esophagus's endophragm, after finishing eating, will have plants the loathful heart pain, and increased stomach's burden. Even if you want to add some sour cream to cause it change cool, you still could obtain the similar stimulation. Moreover, the sour cream and so on thing instead will suffer in addition other side effects.

Countermeasure: Regarding the stomach not good perhaps the bodily dry and hot person, if could not reject the pungent food enticement really, might as well chose slightly spicy food, little ate unripened grain, the red pepper.


Not only the massive edible chocolate will bring the unnecessary quantity of heat, will suffer the human who stomach esophagus regurgitation sickness will suffer, after has experienced the edible chocolate, will bring uncomfortable stimulation. This is because under the chocolate can cause the esophagus sphincter relaxation, causes the gastric juice backflow, stimulates the esophagus and swallows.

Countermeasure: In the chocolate variety's choice, should better be the black chocolate. This is because, the black chocolate includes the calcium, the phosphorus, the magnesium, the iron, the copper and so on many kinds to the human body beneficial mineral substance, in all chocolate, it is the sugar content and the fat quantity is lowest. In addition, the black chocolate also has the voltage dropping, the prevention atherosclerosis's function. But, the good thing cannot eat are too many, every day are most can only eat two scraps.

Citrus reticulata orange juice

The acidic drink can stimulate the esophagus, will cause the sensory nerve to receive the stimulation, the stimulation spot will become inflamed. If after you get up in the morning, the first matter drinks a next big cup of citrus reticulata orange juice, will enhance in stomach and intestines' acidity. What if this time you drink includes the highly concentrated fructose sweet lemonade, that must pay attention, because took in the excessive sugar to be able to create the diarrhea.

Countermeasure: The citrus reticulata orange juice includes massive Vitamin C, being suitable drinks frequently, so long as chose had a drink together with the time not to use the worry stimulation esophagus's question. Drinks the citrus reticulata orange juice and so on verjuice the best time is along with meal, or in two meal between.

Cream mashed potatoes

The potato are the low quantity of heat, the high protein, include the multivitamins and trace element food, is called ideally loses weight food. As if did not have the thing to compare bowl of mashed potatoes to receive the people to welcome. This is when why mentioned when so-called “convenience food”, the mashed potatoes are always listed as the first place the reason. But Canada had the cream or the cheese mashed potatoes does not have in the imagination so to be so good. In the US, the human who some 3000 ~ 50,000,000 lactose do not endure, but if you are also such person, is not suitable to enjoy the cream mashed potatoes. This is because, the mashed potatoes Riga's milk, the cream or the cheese, will let your stomach be very uncomfortable.

Countermeasure: Should better not purchase the mashed potatoes which goes, oneself definitely may use the fresh potato in the home, steams or boils does not increase any spice the pure taste mashed potatoes.

Fresh onion

Inside the onion, the garlic, the fragrant-flowered garlic have filled many kinds of nutritive elements, they are of great help to the health, for instance protects the heart, but they will also cause the stomach upset, for instance inflation, abdomen colic and so on. But as if may cause through the cooking to cause the stomach upset the nutrition mixture bad function.

Countermeasure: American nutriology expert Mary discusses, eats when these foods may use the mix the cooking method, like this may enable you not only to harvest the health, moreover does not need to suffer the negative influence.

Ice cream

Is one rapid method has not been able to determine you the lactose does not endure, only then waits for you to sit down eats a large bowl the ice cream to be able to know. When your distension of the abdomen, abdomen colic, inflation, these body's response is tells you to be far away from these to contain dairy products food richly. Looks like the ice cream, the icicle, the ice-cold drink and so on raw and cold food, if eats many excessively, will affect the stomach function the normal work, will create food very stodginess, easy to damage the taste. Eats time, although the delicacy is infinite, but actually will cause the appetite to drop afterward, also will stimulate the taste, will form the distension of the abdomen, the abdominal pain vicious circle.

Countermeasure: If you do not want to give up freezing food coolly, then the only solution is changes eats the non-lactose the frozen food, for instance the use legumes, the rice noodle boil flour gruel. Even if you are not the lactose do not endure, inside the ice cream includes the massive fat, but the fat is detained inside the stomach the time compares other foods to be long. Therefore raw and cold food is best little eats or does not eat.

West orchid and cabbage

The west orchid and the cabbage are “ten sub-flowered branches” in the vegetables outstanding person, not only richly including massive Vitamins and meals textile fiber, but also has against cancer, the anti-senile effect. But even if contains the meals textile fiber and many kinds of nutrients richly, these vegetables cannot the trust be completely the health. Because the high textile fiber's vegetables can help to support greatly your stomach capacity, easy to cause in the stomach the unnecessary gas accumulation.

Countermeasure: Solves the question method to be very simple, so long as before eating, them in hot water clear, causes it changes soft, like this then may cause to have the gas sulfur mixture stall. These two kind of vegetables most suit the cold food in sauce and boil fry.


The legumes are causing the dyspepsia aspect to be discredited. The legumes contain the low polyose like stachyose and the gossypose, ferment by the intestinal bacteria, can decompose produces some gas, then causes symptoms and so on makeing a belch, abdominal rumbling, distension of the abdomen, abdominal pain. The serious digestive ulcer patient does not want the edible bean product, because in the bean product the purine content is high, has the promotion gastric juice secretion function. The acute gastritis and the chronic shallow table gastritis patient does not want the edible bean product, in order to avoid the stimulation gastric juice secretes and causes the stomach and intestines inflation.

Countermeasure: By the soup form cooking legumes, to digest this kind of food to have the help, through the supplement moisture content, is helpful in digests the massive textile fibers which inside the bean includes, or extension cooking time. Moreover is must increase gradually legumes food to the diet, like this will increase the enzyme demand which slowly the digestion legumes will use, but will not present the side effect.

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