Thursday, June 25, 2009

The vegetarian diet youth is possibly easier to overeat and overdrink

According to Reuter New York reported that the researchers discovered that was considered food habit health the vegetarianism young people, they appear overeat and overdrink unexpectedly are higher with other unusual action probability.

The researchers are tried to the Minnesota 31 school's 2516 15-23 years old young people's diet, the body weight and take drugs and the excessive drinking custom have done the investigation, finally confirmed that the vegetarian diet person presents the overload and the obese probability is small, “, but, the vegetarian diet person overeats and overdrinks the risk possibly is also high, once was the vegetarian diet person's person uses the ill health method control body weight risk also possibly not to be extremely high.”In the object of study, once or the present vegetarian diet person adopted the ill health method control weight probability approximately was not 20-25%, these methods including ate lose weight the medicine, to dig out the throat, to take the laxative and the diuretic, as well as overate and overdrank.

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