Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cannot food which eats together with the milk

Orange and milk

In drinks around the milk about 1 hour, is not suitable eats the orange. Because in milk protein, once with orange's in tartaric acid meet, will have the coagulation, thus the influence milk's digestion and the absorption, will not be suitable in this time section eat food other acidic fruit.

Fruit juice and milk

In the milk protein 80% are the casein, the milk potential of hydrogen when 4.6, the massive casein will then have the agglutination, the precipitation, will digest the absorption with difficulty, serious also possibly causes the dyspepsia or the diarrhea. Therefore in the milk is not suitable increases fruit juice and so on acidic the drink.

Milk and sugar

In the milk includes the lysine in heats up under the condition to be able to respond with the fructose, produces the virulent fructose base lysine, harmfully in human body. Fresh milk when boiling do not sweeten, after boiling the milk and so on to be slightly cool, sweetens not lately again.

Milk and chocolate

The milk includes the rich protein and the calcium, but the chocolate includes the oxalic acid, both will combine to form with the food the insoluble calcium oxalate, will affect the calcium enormously the absorption. Even presents the hair to be withered, diarrhea, slow-growing and so on phenomena.

Milk and medicine

Some people like with the milk replacing the plain boiled water to take medicine, actually, the milk will affect the human body obviously to the medicine absorption. Because the milk forms a duplicate tectorial membrane easily in the medicine surface, causes mineral substance and the medicine and so on milk calcium, magnesium has the chemical reaction, forms the non-water-soluble material, thus influence drug efficacy release and absorption. Therefore, 1 hour do not drink the milk around taking medicine.

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