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Do not let “the sexual affection custom” injure you

The sexual affection is the interactive process which originally the feature fun, the relaxation enjoy, however your habitual criminal's problem and the hideaway “the custom” actually let love of the bed become tastelessness the food, hated to discard something the weak, this was in the life disappointment in any event. In fact, the wish enjoys the pleasure which fully makes love, sometimes gives up some indifferent insistences and anticipated, can realize mystery and the pleasant sensation.

Misunderstanding: His fixed sensitivity point, can always bring the twice the result with half the effort effect. Normal solution: The machine has the fixed program and the efficiency, but the sexual affection actually cannot.

Love of the bed is one joyful and brings the fervor and the vigor matter to the human, looks like the soccer to be the same, its charm displays in its unpredictability. If regards as it one custom and the duty, and establishes the fixed timetable and the procedure, waited for constantly the anticipated effect, that was completely mistaken. The machine may the fixed time starting, but the human actually cannot. Perhaps you may agree one week to make love reluctantly do not surpass several times, but is indivisible good in each week several evenings can make love, let alone stipulated that you only could in the room, make love with what kind of way. Doesn't the similar truth, which one way have to be possible the high tide to be unceasing, the expert believed that all tricks and movement, but is auxiliary each other to enjoy the sexual affection the method, if thought tenaciously the posture change, the custom sensitive belt's stimulation will enable two people both to obtain satisfies, and will follow the agreement diligently the custom, without doubt will lose the pleasure which will enjoy, will increase too many inexplicable pressures and the standard. On the person body's sensitivity point is every day is dissimilar, it along with the point of view, the physical condition and the environment changes, therefore, each time makes love the process is the creation, the discovery and the fumble process, moreover is also containing some fortuitousness. Therefore, the expert suggests us, the best method is seeks makes love when the most sensitive spot, like this can be twice the result with half the effort.

Misunderstanding: Because had the high tide, the sexual affection only then becomes is happy and is meaningful. Normal solution: Treats as the high tide is in the sexual affection process accident is pleasantly surprised, you fully will only then enjoy cannot be spoken pleasure.

Some material indicated that in every 10 American women has 4 individuality high tide to present the barrier, regarding these females, its shadow affects them overall superiority feeling and the health. Floyd also believed that the feminine sexual desire is in the feminine soul “unknown” the mainland, “a hideaway in skin fold and muscle's unknown world”. Therefore, the high tide is no doubt happy, but was not said that had has, especially we tracked down its time desirably, actually often painstakingly strove for, but do not. Usually under situation, if after you have attempted the sex life happy and satisfies, you will not be able to bear to each disposable Ido brand have one kind of hope, but is frequently when you only need little may achieve the mountain peak, opposite party actually “cannot support” falls short. Regardless of sometimes opposite party how diligently, your bodily deep sleep weren't responding, lets the human be unable to enjoy oneself to the full. Then, says over and over again, high tide really so important? In fact, the sexual affection is a global concept, but the high tide is only its part, if you treat as the high tide only a goal, you will lose in the sexual affection the happy part. On the other hand, the sexual climax flaw is also in the natural barrier type one kind, might as well inspected that sexual climax reason no longer, like psychological aspect to be whether despondent, whether to occur has indulged, relates anxious as well as the bodily image with the lover not good and so on; Whether the physique aspect does have the menopause vagina to wither, the neurotrosis, heart disease, smoking as well as obese and so on. If because of the above reason, might as well consults doctor, and uses the pharmacological treatment.

Misunderstanding: Between the bed the man likes the shy virtuous young woman, such can act the lead, and master control sexual affection. Normal solution: The man hoped that you relax yourself, and sends out “the natural number ball” on own initiative.

Once some people had performed an interesting experiment: Has chosen 136 male stochastically, has conceived 4 kind of sex lives, two kinds are male and female both sides nobody adopt initiative, other two kinds are both sides adopt initiative in turn. Result discovery: The man adopts the driving that one traditional pattern not to receive welcome, but the man adopts the driving pattern react strongly to the bride's side. The expert believed that the man being glad bride's side acts the lead in the sex life, because may awaken the man latent desire like this, causes the man to undertake in the sex life lead's responsibility to extricate. The mild-mannered bashful image indeed may let the man demonstrate the strong trend one side, but will do intentionally acts with constraint will also let his desire lose. Expresses itself on own initiative to the sexual affection affection, simultaneously tells him to the natural idea, you like his what kind of way, pours out boldly nearby his ear, he will obtain in psychological satisfying, and will satisfy your request not responsibly.

Actually, so long as you change in oneself sexual affection to insist senselessly that boldly and enjoys each disposable love warmly, your life will have happiness many accident.

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