Sunday, June 14, 2009

How couldn't fall asleep to manage

Although person's life 1/3 time is sleeping, but many people rest not well. According to Australia “the time newspaper” the website reported that 1/5 adult every night sleep time less than 7 hours.

US Northwest University Director Finberg Medical school sleep disorder center, neurologist Felice said: “should be we take the nutrition and the exercise likely such takes sleep's time.”The following introduction is easiest 7 situations which as well as the solution lets the human lose sleep.

First, is unable to go to sleep. Felice suggested that by now do not lie down on the bed, must do anything. Because lay down on the bed likely arrived at the torture chamber, caused the sleep impulsion to reduce greatly. If has the anxious mood, adjusts darkly the light, then gets out of bed, closes the eye to listen to music, treats is drowsy, returns to the bed to be able to fall asleep. Moreover, must reduce the caffeine, ethyl alcohol intaking, avoids looking that the television, plays the computer and so on.

Second, midnight awakens. This time do not turn on the light, also do not awake has gone to the bathroom. Sleep expert Michael · Bruce said that turns on the light to tell the cerebrum now will be early morning, will affect the cerebrum secretion to shed the melanocyte, will let you more difficult go to sleep. He suggested that from 300 reciprocals, separates three to count one time, can help to go to sleep fast. Moreover, if gets out of bed the preceding hour to wake, might as well simply gets out of bed.

Third, suppresses the urine. 8:30 pm later do not drink water. If the worry is thirsty at night, may put small water on the bedside. If the male thought frequently at night the urinary bladder suppresses hurriedly, needs to go to the hospital inspection prostate gland.

Fourth, the premenstrual syndrome or the menopause cause losing sleep. Gynecology and obstetrics department expert Rebecca · Booth said that the female hormones secretion level fluctuation or the reduction easy to let the human lose sleep. She suggested that takes sheds the melanocyte 3-5 milligrams; Little has the rice, the steamed bread prime staple food, guaranteed that the insulin is in the low level; Or the practice yoga, will enable the hormone secretion to obtain suppresses.

Fifth, takes medicine. Approximately some 1000 medicines, including the anti-despondent medicinal preparation, the cough and the cold remedy as well as his sandbank class medicine can let you be excited. May place these medicines takes in the morning, or whether consults doctor to reduce takes the dosage.

Sixth, on Sunday loses sleep. Many people are because anxious, some people are because Friday and Saturday stays up late to be too late. If the sleeping time is usually later than 45 minutes to 1 hour, losing sleep will reduce.

Seventh, late rests. If you are familiar with Yu Wan to rest, do not attempt to change. American Philadelphia Pediatric hospital sleep disorder treatment center Director Mindel suggested that weekend as well as other time sleeping time do not be very optional, such one comes according to the rule to sleep is very difficult. Moreover, gets up in the morning should better see the glare first, like this will cause in vivo biological clock to adapt the early work and rest rule.

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