Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pistachio nut three healthy effects

Pistachio nut three healthy effectsUS UC Los Angeles Branch school Medical school Dr. Li Zhaoping medicine indicated that the pistachio nut richly including the textile fiber, the Vitamin, the mineral substance and the oxidation resistance element, has the low fat, the low calorie, the high textile fiber outstanding feature, is the healthy sensible choice, it can bring three effects to the health:

Heart “bodyguard”

The pistachio nut contains the arginine richly, it not only may alleviate the arteriosclerosis the occurrence, is helpful in reduces the blood fats, but can also reduce the heart attack danger, lowers the cholesterol, the alleviation acute pressure response and so on.

Protection vision

The pistachio nut purple red's fruit clothes, includes the anthocyanidin, this is one kind of natural oxidation resistance material, but in the viridis kernel includes the rich xanthophyl, it not only may the oxidation resistance, moreover to protects the retina also very much to have the advantage.

Let the body be slender

Every day eats 28 grams pistachio nuts, is about probably 49, not only does not need to worry to put on weight, but is also helpful to the control body weight. This is because eats to the full the feeling usually needs 20 minutes, eats the pistachio nut to be possible to lengthen the edible time through the exhausted shell, lets the human have the full abdomen feeling and the feeling of satisfaction, thus help reduction appetite and control body weight.

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