Saturday, June 6, 2009

In five kind of situations eats the sweets to be healthier

Although eats sweet food to be able to cause the body to be obese, but eats the sweets low-grade goods in these kind of situation is advantageous to the health!

Before the movement

The human body in the rate process, pays the massive physical abilities, but before the movement, is not suitable eats, the ration power service which by now, right amount ate sweets to be possible to satisfy when human body movement needs.

Too weary and when hunger

By now in vivo heat energy lost excessively much, the human body is weak, eats sweets, the sugar may compared to common food by the blood absorption, supplement rapidly quickly the physical ability.

When is dizzy is disgusting

By now drank a sugar minute high water, may enhance the blood sugar to strengthen the disease-resistant ability.

When diabetes hypoglycemia

Because controls the sugar manufacturing to divide the ingestion excessively to have time the shock symptom which the hypoglycemia causes, drinks the syrup or other sweet drink, might cause the patient to pass the crisis.

When vomit or diarrhea

By now the patient stomach function disorder, had the dehydrated symptom, if drinks some salty syrup, is advantageous in the stomach function restoration.

But some time eats the sweets to be disadvantageous to the body. If will eat later eats the sweets to be easiest to cause weight gain, and excessively many sugars can stimulate the insulin secretion, easy to induce diabetes. Before resting, before meals, treats as daily conventional food the sweets, may cause odontopathy, the appetite to drop and to put on weight.

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