Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The apple has the anticancer treatment to be highly effective, the peel wins the fruit pulp

The apple is one of people most familiar fruits, it contains the carbohydrate, the Vitamin, the inorganic salt, the cellulose, the organic acid, the polyphenol and the flavanone class plant compound richly. Often eats the apple both to be able to supplement nutrients and so on Vitamin and inorganic salt, and has the promotion digestion, to reduce the constipation, to maintain in vivo acid-base equilibrium, to fall the blood fats, to lower the blood pressure, the stable blood sugar, to lose weight, functions and so on cosmetology.

What is more meaningful, the apple also has the highly effective anticancer treatment and the oxidation resistance effect. 100 gram apples (including the Ping peel) are equal to 1500 milligram Vitamin C oxidation resistance effect. In the people in the edible fruit, apple oxidation resistance activeness is only often inferior to the strawberry, arranges in second. Japan studies confirmed that in the apple polyphenol can suppress the cancer cell the multiplication; France's research indicated that in the apple original anthocyanidin can prevent the colon cancer; A Finland's research revelation eats the apple to be able much to cause lung cancer the prevalence rate to reduce 46%, other cancer's prevalence rate reduces 20%. The apple to the mammary gland cancer cell, liver cancer cell and the colon cancer cell's growth has the remarkable inhibitory action. By low, the high dose (quite Yu Ren one day eats, three and six apples) the oral administration breast cancer big mouse, breast cancer's formation rate reduces 17% separately easily, 39% and 44%, and along with the oral administration dosage's enhancement, the tumor volume also obviously reduces along with it.

What is worth mentioning, the apple skin's oxidation resistance material and the meals textile fiber content is higher than the fruit pulp, the oxidation resistance, the anticancer treatment and loses weight and so on effects by far strongly in the fruit pulp. In the guarantee peel in the pesticide residue security situation, the expert suggested that eats when the apple should better not peel.

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