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The human is highest, the most basic demand - - sexual desire

The human is highest, the most basic demand - - sexual desire, has been the scientists is interested the topic. According to the US “network medicine doctor” the website on April 2 reported that after US University of Chicago sociology Professor Edward has carried on the large-scale investigation, has published the topic is “the natural Social organization - - US practice” the report, pointed out that the men and women have the universal difference in the following seven aspects. If summarizes with a few words, is “woman's sexual desire likely water, ever-changing; Man's sexual desire likely fire, bold actually short”.

The man ponders over the nature frequently. Professor discovered that in 60 year-old following male, most people one time thinks of the nature at least every day equally, the spontaneity arouses must be more than the female by far. But in female, only then 25% people have so the frequency. Increases along with the age, men's and women's natural fantasy can reduce, but the overall looks like, the male fantasy's frequency was still feminine 2 times. The man “is fascinated” to the natural activity. The research discovered that man's natural activity must be more frequent than the woman. The majority men hope in the life to continue have an individuality companion, moreover they are interested to the optional sex act. 2/3 man acknowledges consoles oneself frequently, the female has 40%, moreover their frequency is much lower than the male.

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Woman's sex orientation change changes. The US Northwest University's researchers broadcast with all one's heart the color movie for one group of volunteers, inquired their nature arouses degree. Meanwhile, through the connection on his/her reproductive organ's instrument, surveys the real nature to arouse. The result discovered that man's sex orientation is very explicit. But feminine result is thought-provoking. The heterosexual love female said that they are more excited to the male and female sexual affection, but the measurement result actually indicated that they have the same nature to all natural activity to arouse the response. This research suggestion, the female has “the fluidity”, will also accept to love of the homogeneous. Woman's sex act and selects a friend for marriage, more society and cultural influence. The man makes love the primitive motive is inherits its gene, has own descendant. The female chooses the companion to be actually discrete, because they must undertake are pregnant with see after children's burden, therefore pays attention to the sentimental quality and the living condition, hoped that found one to be able the man who gave her in the side to help. Feminine nature satisfies need more upholstery. New York psychology therapist Easter once had said that woman's sexual desire between two ears, but is not between two legs. That is, the romantic sweet words and honeyed phrases can let them be excited. In the sexual affection process, the female needs the romantic plot, the psychology anticipated that can aid combust their desire. But the male does not need this kind of upholstery. To them, the sexual intercourse is simpler the direct effect to be better. But this does not mean that the male does not need to feel intimately, because in their eye, the sexual affection is in itself expresses supple love Italy “the language”, is works the highest boundary which blends with the meat.
The amphoteric high tide experience is different. The male from the insertion to the semination, needs 4 minutes equally, but the female needs 10-11 minutes at least from the insertion to the high tide. Occupies in the marriage ties the male, 75% expressions can always arrive at the high tide, this proportion in the female is only 26%. Moreover both sexes relations are dissimilar to the high tide feeling: The female can point out accurately time companion's high tide rate, the male thinks the companion are most can arrive at the high tide. The medicine stimulates woman's sexual desire with difficulty. Man's sexual desire has biological, therefore promotes easily through the pharmacological treatment. But if wants to seek for one kind that easily for the female “the philtre” not. Formerly once some research said that the androgen level will affect woman's sexual desire, but clinical will paste the piece after the androgen discovered that its effect will not be ideal. “if a woman had the sexual desire to be low, must restore its desire the probability even less than 50%.”
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