Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Before kissing, is most delicious several kind of foods

1st, clear water

Regardless of the health, the model, the star or the renowned young woman can suggest that you drink the clear water, I drink 1.5 kilograms every day. But if you thought that cup of clear water then may except the smoke taste, you want are not the healths, but was the neurology department, but the minimum other flavors had not been mixing with.

2nd, perrier/souda

Did not know whether the psychological factor, always did think drinks perrier or souda indeed is effective, especially when smoking, is quite capable the fresh taste bud, welcomes a newcomer again the fragrance.

3rd, chewing gum/bead/throat sugar

Mostly not goings to the roots of the problem.

4th, apple

The personal collection, the first matter eats an apple in the morning absolutely, guaranteed that the sulks all disappear are all eliminate in the smoke taste method to be overnight most effective! Does not believe may try!

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