Saturday, June 27, 2009

Perhaps breast feeding may help the child to make the progress

The US researchers after the investigation discovery, breast feeding is possibly helpful to the child from now on school study make the progress.

According to the United States border sacrifices to the god of the land previous report said that the researchers have contrasted in 59 family 126 pair of brothers or the sisters, in them some people accept breast feeding from the baby, but some people have not obtained so “the treatment”. The result discovered that accepts a breast feeding time longer child to be higher than the contemporaries generally in the middle school study result, moreover they enter the probability which the university pursues advanced studies relatively to be also high.

Participates in this research American University Professor Joseph · Sabiya and Colorado professor the Daniel · Race believed that breast feeding is very possible to the child academic record and to its university proportion's influence with this kind to feed the way to be possible to sharpen child's cognitive capacity and the health standard concerns.

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AD said...

i m so against the mother who is eligible to breast feed but has stupid reasons not to!

skywind said...

Breast feeding, both may increase between maternal infant's sentiment, and may let the child be more intelligent. Thx, ad.

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