Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The hug is helpful to the promotion both sexes relations

Had a woman of letters saying:“the hug is one kind of movement which I most like. We seek in the boundless world love, but will be is searching one forever the without limits hug ......Before this mortal body decays dry, once some people brought to smile hug me, proved that I enjoyed pass away on showing loving concern.”Indeed, to many women, the hug is the love most perfect expression. But the male often cannot think through, what do two people in have well together greasily every day? The American masculine network magazine “asked that he” publishes the article to this kind of difference, releases for the man question and answer is puzzled.

The scientific research discovery, the hug may stimulate the cerebrum release pitocin, it is called “the hug hormone”, is one kind “the companion adhesive”, can make each other feeling to be intimate with, consolidated both sexes relations. Looking from the evolution angle, body's intimate contact is strengthens the emotion link the good means that the female also hoped causes the man forever to be loyal to itself. Hugs appropriately, but can also let the human feel that comfortable, the mood is joyful, this is the woman cherishes the hug another reason.

The male regarding the hug repel, mainly lies in its subjective consciousness “shy, to be embarrassed and to be independent”. They thought that the expression sentiment's way has many kinds, the body language is only a bad plan, perhaps to arouse the method which the sexual desire uses. But the male neglected a point, the hug has been able to let their cerebrum release pitocin similarly, this was helpful to the alleviation pressure, the adjustment mood.

In besides in sex life daily life, both sides, if can shake hand frequently, touching, the hug, that its sex life number of times are most, the degree of satisfaction reaches as high as 72 points. The intimate behavior are less, the sex life frequency is lower. If in the daily life “loves, but far it”, “respects one another as one would a guest”, sex life degree of satisfaction sudden drop 27 point many. “asked that he” the website therefore suggested that the husbands and wives should hug at least every day one time, after before is not only regards as it the sexual affection, the play or, plays. When hug, the male may stroke wife's luxuriant gently, kisses her forehead, strokes her arm and the back gently, ten figures buckle, will let each other feel intimately.

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