Thursday, June 18, 2009

Will aggravate what sickness in summer?

Most people believed that in the summer the people are healthier. For instance, the ultraviolet ray is helpful to smooth the skin immune cell, thus eczema will improve obviously in the summer. But studies indicated that many diseases instead become in the summer more serious. Britain Daily Mail publishes the article, “the summer day was unusual to the health affects” the question to launch the multianalysis.

Arthritis is more serious

Summer arthritis patient wants the extra protection good joint, because the majority common arthritis medicines can aggravate the skin to the sunlight sensitivity. For instance, some non-steroid anti-inflammation medicine, even IBUPROFEN and so on common medicine will also cause the light allergy. Therefore, some arthritis patient exposes to the sun the sun slightly, will cause the skin rash as well as the skin sun-scald. Therefore, after arthritis patient takes the medicine, goes out must smudge against exposes to the sun the index high sun block lotion.

Diabetes are more serious

Speaking of the diabetic who accepts the insulin injection, summer means a bigger danger. When the temperature is higher, the insulin enters the blood speed to be quicker. Therefore, summer must pay attention to the blood sugar change, guards against mishap. British Diabetes Association nursing adviser Kaluolin suggested: Goes out in the summer diabetic must smudge the sun block lotion, avoids the long time sunning; Should before getting out of bed, sleeps and the food latter 2 hour survey blood sugar.

Pneumonia is more serious

Winter pneumonia sends much, but the summer pneumonia is more serious. British Lung Foundation's Stephen Professor indicated that this is because summer, once the potable water is insufficient, will cause the bronchial tube secretion to stiffen, will not be easy to cough, both will cause the breath to be more difficult, and easy to agglomerate the lung, will cause the infection. above 65 years old person as well as the nephrosis and heart disease patient is the high-risk group. He suggested: In order to protect the lung, should drink 2 liters water at least every day in the summer.

The kidney stone increases

Summer is called by doctors “the kidney stone season”, should sickness diagnosis rate for winter two times. The reason has two: Dehydrated and in vivo Vitamin D increases. The expert indicated that in the water scarcity situation the urine density enlarges, the crystal change formation, causes the kidney stone, therefore should drink water in the summer.

Heart disease improvement

British Heart disease Foundation Professor Piersen indicated that the winter is blacker daily, the people sack time is longer, the heart working and the rhythm are different; The day cold blood tube contraction, the blood stream is more difficult; The blood platelet is also sensitive, easier to form the thrombus. These winter factor can increase heart disease danger greatly. Is in the summer completely different. According to the investigation, December, 2004 to January, 2005, Britain has 9000 people to die of heart disease; But June, 2005 to July, only then 7000 people die of heart disease.

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