Thursday, June 4, 2009

The research discovered that drinks the green tea to be possible to reach against exposes to the sun the effect

The green tea is advantageous to health each kind of research weeds through the old to bring forth the new unceasingly, the US also will have in the near future a research to point out that in green tea's Son caffeine will have the very strong oxidation resistance function, will include the Son caffeine skin appliances to smudge on the skin, even if by violent sunlight illumination, may also let cause the skin sun-scald, the relaxation and the rough peroxide reduces approximately 1/3.

The American Alabama University develops the green tea from 2001 with against to expose to the sun the question the research. They discovered that in the sunlight ultraviolet ray can stimulate the skin to produce the massive peroxide, causes person's skin becomes rough, loses the elasticity. The scientists asked the trier to smudge Son caffeine which separately refined by the green tea in and not to have any effectiveness placebo, let the trier stand again under the violent sunlight, finally discovered that smudged the Son caffeine person in anticipation, in skin's peroxide content has compared another group to be short 1/4~1/3, namely the skin is been slight the sunlight harm's degree, thus in the proof green tea's ingredient had against exposes to the sun the effect. another research demonstrated that if drinks the green tea, its against will expose to the sun the effect with to smudge the green tea skin appliances the effect to be the same.

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