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The research discovered that dog can “smells” diabetes

dog can 'smells' diabetes

According to the British media reported that the Britain researchers are training one batch may “save a life” “diabetes to forewarn of the dog”. When the diabetic blood sugar drops to the dangerous scope, these puppies will issue the warning. The investigation discovered that 65% patients have time the hypoglycemia symptom, they raise the pet dog will have the response, through the wail, will bark, to lick licks or other behaviors warns the master.

The pet dog will have the response

Dog's sharp nose, these “the human best friend” already uses in helping the investigation narcotics or the explosive material. Moreover already has the research to demonstrate that the dog can the gas which or exhales through patient's urine specimen “smell” cancer. The other day some cases demonstrated that when a person has the hypoglycemia symptom, the dog may smell the minimum change which on this person of body the smell occurs.

In last December, British Belfast Queen University's research scholars the investigation which carried on to 212 volunteers discovered that 65% patients had time the hypoglycemia symptom, they raised the pet dog will have the response, through the wail, barked, to lick licks or other behaviors warns the master.

Located at England south Ailesbury “cancer and the biological survey dog Research center” dog's this kind of instinct was responding that uses in practicing. At present, this center is training 17 dogs, lets them learn diabetes to forewarn the skill. This philanthropic institution plan after training had ended distributes them for the diabetic, most is the child. Research center person in charge Claire Guste said: “through the training, these dogs can smell occupies the air 1/1000000000000 unusual smells slightly, is very slight. Their world with us can `smell' completely different.”

Imitation dog nose manufacture electron nose

“cancer and the biological survey dog Research center” is founded by surgeon John Hunt in 5 years ago. At that time London's Armer Xome hospital's scientist confirmed that the dog may through smell heard the urine distinguishes the patient whether to contract the carcinoma of urinary bladder. Guste hoped that the scientist may imitate the dog nose to make the electronic nose, the substitution puppy work. “at present, the electronic nose does not compare the dog nose, falls behind for about 15 years. But our discovery and the research work will help the scientist to speed up the research, lets the electronic nose have the similar function.”

20 years ago the dog once had rescued the master who develops cancer

The dog could smell cancer's viewpoint to origin may trace most early to 1989. At that time, the British London's two skin disease scientists "Lance" on described an interesting case in the British well-known medicine magazine: A 44 year-old females patient request excises on her leg's mole, because her dog always gathers on her leg to smell hears this mole, even attempts to gnaw off this mole. This female is burdensome, therefore found doctor to request to excise this mole for her. After the mole excision surgery's check result is startled National People's Congress, this mole is one kind of lethality skin cancer. Because discovers early, this female has preserved the life.

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