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The woman has the good skin's 12 admonitions

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Each women longed for that he has the smooth careful good skin, believed that you are not exceptional. Actually has the good skin uncertain need expensive skin appliances. Said that “does not have the ugly woman, only then lazy woman”, therefore wants to have the good flesh, MM maintain oneself semblance scientifically besides must the maintenance, must maintain the good daily life work and rest, the food habit, otherwise all maintenance are waste.

1st, smile, woman most effective skin appliances

Joyful woman's flesh looks like so is always honored. Perhaps, you already knew that the negative mood and the pressure the bad consequence which brings to the flesh: The skin relaxation dry, the dark sore grows thickly, tarnishes, the skin color to be gloomy. But each small smile, you actually not necessarily enough understood that it can let you be beautiful. The recently research indicated that skin's luster, favor, tight sending with person's internal secretion related, but the mood is displaying is adjusting internal secretion's crucial role. When you smile, in the brain will secrete one kind of joyful polyphenol (Endorphin), regarding will alleviate person's pain, enhancement immunity ability to have the help. But the flesh also has the similar mechanism, when the flesh felt you are smiling, oneself regarding the resistance inflammation, the proliferation cutin cell, promotion collogen cell production aspect's ability greatly strengthens. Therefore, is not strange, why does joyful woman's flesh look like so is always honored, is not God fills secretly for hers mystical magic weapon, but was she hugged the smiling face this kind of youth efficacious medicine.

2nd, the internal assignment raises importantly compared to outside

If thinks the skin to be good, first pays attention to own diet. The skin is a health condition mirror, the skin is dim, time spottiness, the adult whelk are many is not only the external question, but causes by the internal cause. For example, the skin ties tight at the same time, possibly also feels has a parched mouth; Growth whelk's at the same time possibly also has the constipation symptom, this explained that not only the skin has been weary, skin's master is very possible to receive the pressure to be oversized, metabolism unbalanced puzzle. Carries on the self-adjustment from the bodily interior is solves the skin problem long-term, the effective method. The skin dry, the long spot, presents the lines on face and so on is the aged performance, and lacks Vitamin E to concern. Therefore, supplemented promptly Vitamin E detains the youth flesh's key. Generally speaking, Vitamin E in the vegetables, the fruit and the meats the content are many, is especially highest in the nut by the almond content.

3rd, drinks water

You were definitely not first time have heard these words, but this indeed was maintains the skin optimum condition a simple practical method. Because the water has promotes in vivo waste disposal function, even if in the cold winter, we should also insist that every day applies eight to nine water, is clean you the body and the skin, specially frequently OL which works under the air conditioning environment.
4th, eats the fruits and vegetables

Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E has the protection health function, every day should the edible 400 gram fruit and vegetable (including potato), let your skin be more exquisite and be fair and clear.

5th, the good skin is the movement comes out

Actually, makes the movement is also has the perfect flesh's only way! The wish thorough improvement flesh, cannot only depend smudges the skin appliances, starts by the basis, makes the bodily various functions health, your skin can also be healthy naturally! But remembered that before the movement, must certainly take off one's jewelry thoroughly, because the cosmetics are covering the pore, has not been able smooth to discharge make the sweat and the fat secretion, bringing about pore blocking, and causes the acne dark sore growth. Second, ties the hair or clamps, do not use the modelling product as far as possible, in order to avoid perspires time the modelling produces the official ranks to the surface on, blocks and contaminates the pore. After the movement, is sure to remember washes the face, the perspiration, the fat and the dirt washes off thoroughly, afterward you will discover, after the body will discharge these toxin, the flesh will feel that will be incomparably neat and is pure! If you deeply love the sport, must complete for the flesh against exposes to the sun the measure. The moderate sunlight, is helpful in adjusts and promotes skin's function. But if the long-term insolation under the ultraviolet ray, excessively will be been dry the flesh and the ahead of time gets older, will also stimulate the melanin the proliferation and the precipitation, will make the color spot storm to be present. Therefore carries on the whitening repair and maintenance and against exposes to the sun the protection is the movement assigns the movement.

6th, has a good sleep

Skin's luster, is decided the degree which in the epidermal cell the melanin content, the position as well as the skin vasoconstriction expands. These factors are controlled in the nerve-body fluid secrete system's adjustment, but the sleep is playing the role which regarding this directs. Therefore, the sleep is causes the human to be full of the young blood. The relieve fstigue, cheers up, the face glowing with health factor, also treats certain nerve functional disease's method, simultaneously convalesces, the recovery, to raise the face, the health care essential way. Only then sufficient and high grade sleep, can be helpful to the relieve fstigue, the promotion health, cultivates the skin, demonstrated that is full of the young blood the happy appearance.
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7th, maintains the face skin is clean

This similarly is also an old view, but we must know that the old view usually is most effective. If you are greasy flesh, after please use cold water washes the face, with the hand racket does, like this can prevent the fat secretion exuberant and the black head's production. The cosmetology and in-depth clean only need one month 1 time. It is not goes to the beauty shop to make nursing frequently to be able to have the good skin, on the contrary excessively many will carry on the cosmetology and in-depth clean will destroy skin's balanced. Therefore we suggested that improved looks and in-depth clean only needs one month 1 time to suffice.

8th, takes off one's jewelry

Takes off one's jewelry is each beautiful woman is clean when an essential part. Every day must Tu Ge plant the cosmetics toward the face on, if takes off one's jewelry not thoroughly, on the cosmetics residual face, will stop up the pore seriously, the consequence it can be imagined. The thorough clean skin, takes off one's jewelry thoroughly, is the cosmetology basis absolutely.

9th, the night pays attention to the moisturizer

The night is the skin repair ability strongest time, therefore we must make the best use of this period of time to carry on the skin maintenance. Before sleeping, washes is clean the girl who you the face is specially likes putting on make-up to take off one's jewelry thoroughly, afterward takes moistens the effect good moisturizer frost coordination massage the way to smudge on the face.
10th, processes your hair

The possible many people not to know that the hair has many dusts and the fat, these things are the good skin's enemies, therefore combs as far as possible your forehead's hair.

11th, with popular is the matter which disfigures one's face

Did not need with wind this word to explain, many people were, when had heard after some kind of thing, righteousness not was then brave attends to runs buys. How long buys not, places that village ash to play. Looks at an own each one jar jar, at heart infinite compunction, lamentation ......Mood influence skin's condition again. Will disfigure one's face why with the wind? I thought that Chang Genfeng the person could regard own face the perfect experimental plot. Replaces unceasingly, the unceasing test, I want to tell the friends seriously, that is a face, is not the buttocks, is not the foot heel. Actually the buttocks and the foot heel wants itself to become the experimental plot not greatly.
12th, listens to others' words to be inferior that believes own experience

Used you to think appropriately may. You used to be very long, the effect was very good, others a few words could deny?

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