Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The diminutive person has a better hearing

The diminutive person has a better hearing

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In May 21 Acoustical Society of America in the conference announces a research indicated that diminutive, the thin person as if scaled height of burst big person has a more sensitive hearing.

If you once stood in the school drill ground, you will possibly fantasize that you will have the ultra ability: For example the unequalled speed or vanishes completely ability. Now the US College of Wooster tells you, you possibly has ability which item of you have not understood: Mystical can hear ability which the danger approaches.

The early research proved that the female compares big in them, the muscle solid companion has well hears the noise ability. Similarly, the scientist thought that perhaps the emaciated person has a better hearing compared to the solid big person. Then, they let 50 volunteers listen to one probably are gradually the sound which approaches to them. When the conner hears this sound approaches their time, presses down button on hand. The scientist then appraises according to button's strength and cardiovascular's healthy degree. They discovered that only then 98 pound emaciated person was more solid than the strong person the muscle to press down the button quickly. Because they felt these scream, the threat sound is more practical than them wants near somewhat.

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The scientist said that the sense of hearing so forth should be a residual reflection excessive mechanism. Therefore these emaciated, the docile animal can avoid attacking, thus multiplies on the Earth lives.

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