Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pours walks, the brains are more sober

Pours walks, the brains are more sober

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A Dutch scientist's group studies indicated that pours walks is helpful pondered soberly to the people. This memoir in the magazine "Psychological Science" announces in the US.

The researchers for 38 male and the female the trying demonstration different word, and let they say fast the word the color. In the test procedure, is also requested trying forward, either backward, or toward left, or walks toward right 4 steps. Walks backward by the conner 4 when steps responds quickly. “the movement as if may trigger the cognition resources very effectively backward the assignment,” Holland Mei the Henry University's researchers summarized said that “, when you encountered the difficulty, poured walks may promote you to solve the question ability effectively.”

Perhaps you want to know why the researcher will carry on the so crazy experiment? It is actually a research human body movement to the thought and a mood influence project part. The researchers discovered that curving either extends (movement which the arm involves pulls or pushes) to cause the human to favor separately in likes or does not like some thing.

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