Monday, July 6, 2009

About oral chelation

About the oral chelated function's global concept is after the health and the nutrition food philosophy establishment forms. The oral chelation is refers to regarding yours daily diet some supplements, these supplements are some contain by EDTA constitute basic ingredient many chelating agents. The natural chelating agent is by the Vitamin, the mineral, the counter-oxidant and the amino acid form existence. EDTA is only the comprehensive material which found. Regarding EDTA, the counter-oxidant is the important constituent. Because has the different type oral chelation, therefore counter-oxidant percentage change in 35% to 40% between.

Chelation therapy sometimes will perhaps cause to have a headache about, weary or the muscle likely leaps the pain and so on small side effect. Some people propose a viewpoint: After using chelation therapy must drink at least 8 to 10 water, like this will make the effect to be better moreover can effective prevent the side effect the redundant occurrence.

The oral chelation may prevent the heavy metal the toxicity and the calcification. It can lower the blood cholesterol, reduces the free radical the movement, prevents the blood clot to have and the reduced diabetes and the heart attack risk.
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Except the heart patient outside, has heart disease's family history person, is in crowd which under the high strength condition and the hygienic extremely bad environment works, recommends highly uses chelation therapy. To the child and the adult are completely safe and convenient.

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