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6 kind of male easy to result in cancer and omen

male easy to result in cancer and omen

1. prostate gland cancer

Incipient symptoms: The digit rectal palpation may look up your prostate gland whether hard or anomalous, through the prostate gland special antigen (PSA) high level may examine whether to contract the prostate gland cancer.

Error diagnostic: The urination question, like frequent micturition, the urgency of urination, the urine class is slow, possible and the prostate gland expansion and the urethra contraction concern.

Accepts the inspection: If the row gland special antigen level high or it changing rate is big, uses the living tissue slice inspection. But the cone-shape spectrum is also the infection one sign, treats for 4 weeks using the antibiotic.

2. lung cancer

Incipient symptoms: Is unable cough which convalesces, or coughs up blood, is not the chest ache which causes by the movement.

Error diagnostic: Pneumonia. Makes the chest X-ray inspection, pneumonia and the tumour looks like is the white, pneumonia will cure, but you need 3 weeks later will make an inspection again.

Accepts the inspection: Living tissue slice inspection.

3. Rectal Cancer

Incipient symptoms: When bowel movement bleeds. Do not neglect, even if this kind of phenomenon only presented one time. Before this is possibly cancer's rectum oozing of blood. The hemorrhage is the only incipient symptoms, in the majority situations, Rectal Cancer does not have the obvious incipient symptoms.

Error diagnostic: 50 year-old following male, possible as a result of hemorrhoids, the diverticulosis, the colitis or the unusual blood vessel bleeds, but has a look at doctor.

Accepts the inspection: Colon mirror inspection.

4. carcinoma of urinary bladder

Incipient symptoms: Hematuria. Even if your also less than 60 years old, have this kind of situation also to inspect, this is also the kidney stone one symptom. In the majority carcinomas of urinary bladder only affect, if the early time discovered that may cure.

Error diagnostic: The urinary bladder has moved or in the urinative burningly painful majority situation possibly merely is infects.

Accepts the inspection: The monitor which enters by the penis may observe the urinary bladder, the urine test may examine the cancer cell.

5. lymph cancer

Incipient symptoms: The pate, the armpit or the inguen lymph node tumescent is not actually painful. The lymph node as a result of infects, but tumescent, if has not restored in one week, then makes an inspection. Moreover, after 1 to 2 month body weights reduces, drinks, the joint ache, or as a result of swelling itches is also the lymph cancer's symptom inexplicably.

Error diagnostic: Lymph node possibly because will infect tumescently.

Accepts the inspection: The blood test occasionally may find out the question, but can be thorougher to the lymph node living tissue slice inspection.

6. melanoma

Incipient symptoms: The body presents anomalous or the big spot suddenly, or some spots in the size, the color, the outline aspect changed recently, and is accompanied by itches, the ache or the hemorrhage symptom.

Error diagnostic: Steatorrhea keratoma, one kind brown, hard spot, as if mounts in the skin general, but this is benign.

Accepts the inspection: Living tissue slice inspection.

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