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Woman's six spots most have the enticement

Most has the enticement woman's spot

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If you knew how to touch her, you conquers the war already to win half ......Woman's body is the impressive thing. The curve gently beautiful smooth, the pleasantly warm feeling is most suitable to support in the bosom. Moreover, if you that giant masculine palm can touch the appropriate spot, they can therefore the acme of beauty and deportment.

First, lip

The woman likes kissing. Tries to transform the intensity, starts when is quite gentle, warm somewhat, then again are then gentle gradually. After having kissed her lip, kisses her cheek, the eyelid, the forehead, the nose, the nape of the neck and the earlobe again. If you have not let your hand in several minutes kisses everywhere “loaf” (concentrate completely attention in kiss), and has waited to send out by her prepares the good signal, its effect will get better and better.

Second, scalp

Whether you do pay attention to many women to like playing with their hair? They do this are because this lets them feel is very good, is very possible she also to hope that you play with it. The scalp to stimulates is sensitive, moreover she possibly basic could not think that you are willing to care for here, therefore this action can let her surely be pleasantly surprised. Combs the hair for her to be able to bring the unusual perceptual to her experience. May also when kisses her the finger pass through her luxuriant, or simply uses to handle gently rubs her scalp. Washes hair or the drying up hair for her (do not manage any hairstyle, you forever make appearance which does not sell her to satisfy), is strengthens the feeling the good method. - Wedding rings and Wedding Bands

Third, breast

The breast is the sexy area which the most men are familiar with, therefore you not too possibly neglect them. Your possibly commit's mistake is before she prepares excessively many (or too makes an effort) to stroke them. Excessively many stimulations possibly cause the female to present the breast in menstrual cycle some period of time numb or the ache phenomenon. Might as well attempt “fewer but better” procedure: Touches her breast gently, then puts aside the hand, stays behind the time to let she act. Remembers, on the entire breast has covered entirely the nerve ending, therefore you definitely may through stimulate outside nipple's spot to achieve cause the goal which the nipple very gets up.

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Fourth, waist

If you let her lie prone (perhaps on your body) and massage her waist spot on the bed, certainly will take to her the unexpected joy. Here also has the rich nerve ending, moreover is the withstanding very tremendous pressure spot, may let her feel that is comfortable and the relaxation. Not only that it is also helpful in the nature arouses. Because massaged promoted blood's circulation and the pelvis spot hyperemia. When starts, carries on stable moderate holding back with the fingertip. If she likes, may increase some strengths. Kisses this spot is also a good method.

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Fifth, soft spot

This is you can develop the innovation the place. Kisses her knee nest gently, the arm inside, the thigh inside or the neck nest. The woman likes letting you stroke, the kiss to these spots, lick licks perhaps the air flush. Licks arm's inside with the tongue is one kind of how sexy feeling lightly. This is the marvelous feeling which only then in the novel only then has. Moreover, once focuses the attention in these spots, the matter carries on the rhythm will relax - - this regarding her also will be the non-common help.

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Sixth, buttocks

Many women also like the man paying attention to this spot - - possibly to imagine compared to you like. Regarding this spot, you may make an effort, but does not need to treat breast such likely cautiously. You may rub pinch or hold back. Will stroke from the waist to the buttocks will achieve a better effect.

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