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The man easy to result in six kind of cancers

Hides faults for fear of criticism except the man, so that the diagnosis time is often late, outside curative effect difference; The bad life style creates the masculine easily cancer's most immediate cause.

Uninary system tumor: On the man body “the treasure” concentrates much in this spot, besides the prostate gland cancer, the testicle cancer, the phallocarcinoma and so on man's unique tumors, the bladder neoplasm is this system most common tumor. The expert suggested that after masculine 50 years old, every year looks up time prostate gland cancer special antigen (PSA), may examine disease early. The testicle cancer sends in the young male, the people should each month self-check one time. If presents the both sides testicle size or the weight obvious different, must be vigilant. If in the glans either wrapper existence ulcer or the tumour, is invalid after 10 day of - 14 day of antibiotic treatment, should suspect whether is the phallocarcinoma. The carcinoma of urinary bladder early time will have the indolence hematuria, may through the ultrasound and the cystoscope diagnosis.

Lung cancer: Is situated the masculine tumor “the first place”, smoking is initiates the lung cancer the primary factor, in addition, should sickness with the air pollution, the life not rule as well as excessively tired also concerns. The massive research indicated that smoking attracts the cigarette particularly, is reason which the lung cancer mortality rate increases. In the cigarette includes the benzene and pi and so on many kinds of carcinogens, has the smoking custom lung cancer disease incidence rate not to compare smoker high 10 times. Starts the age which smokes to be smaller, the smoking time is longer, smoking quantity are more, the lung cancer formation rate and the death are higher. Therefore control smoking, may reduce the lung cancer the morbidity. The US has the research to indicate that through effective control smoking, the American lung cancer's disease incidence rate already fell to a platform time. In addition the passive smoking and the kitchen lampblack is also one of lung cancer causes, at present the feminine lung cancer's morbidity possibly increases to concern with this.
Liver cancer: From the hepatitis - liver cirrhosis - liver cancer, “the liver disease three inchworms” have been man's nightmares. The regular physical examination, right amount drinks wine or stopping drinking, does not eat mildewy food, is all people prevents liver cancer “the magic weapon”. above 35 years old hepatitis B surface antigen masculine gender, trouble chronic hepatitis, above the liver cirrhosis 5 years, in the directly-related family member three generations has liver cancer family history person, every half year should examine a time armor embryo protein, makes the inferior liver ultrasound.

Rectal Cancer: The man eats food the fat and protein class food are generally more than the woman, but the scientific research indicated that they cause one of Rectal Cancer's substantial clauses. Therefore, on the dinner table must have frequently contains cellulose foods richly and so on vegetables fruit. The early rectum cancer change in situation is restricted in the mucous membrane, doctor the tubercle which refers to examines may touch sticks out slightly, by now the patient and did not have any symptom. Cancer further develops, causes following sends the infection, the fester, affects the enteric cavity to be unobstructed, only then has the symptom. Often is having blood in stool, the bowel movement number of times increases, the constipation, the bowel movement thinning has the mucus, the shinbone qia unknown cause ache and so on. Because Rectal Cancer is the anus, rectum common disease, the early time the symptom is not obvious, with the anus other vigorous symptoms confusion, often is neglected easily by some clinicians. The rectum expert pointed out: In Rectal Cancer patient, 80% cancers mainly may, in easy and feasible, the non-wound's anus refers to examines in the inspection to discover. The finger may touch the different shape the foreign matter, like the polyp type object, brings the peduncle, transportable; Or ties the nodular tumour, the nature is hard, the contour is anomalous, does not move. The finger cot dyes has the mucus, explained that has the bloody pus genital products. In brief, so long as takes the general survey which the early anus refers to examines, Rectal Cancer must other digestive tract cancer be easier than to make the early diagnosis. Therefore, the anus enteropathy expert appealed: The neglect early time Rectal Cancer's anus refers to not by any means examines the inspection.

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Kidney cancer: Its morbidity and obese, smoking and so on related, the ultrasound and CT can help the diagnosis. The kidney cancer's clinical manifestation is changeable, sometimes does not have any symptom, but the tumor had the widespread progress in vivo, even presents shift signs and so on lung, bone. Hematuria, the lumbago and the tumour often are called the kidney cancer's three big typical symptoms on clinical. (1) hematuria for the most common symptom, often displays for the intermittence, the indolence naked eye and/or under the mirror hematuria. (2) lumbago often displays for the long-enduring dull pain. When the tumor has invaded the nerve or the lumbar vertebra may create the serious ache. Hematuria coagulates the rope strip blood clot in the ureter, discharges along with the urine, may cause the waist ache. (3) tumour kidney cancer patient waist or the epigastrium may touch the tumour approximately are 10%. The tumor which forms in the initial period kidney touches the knowledge with difficulty, when as long surpasses 3-5 centimeters as the diameter only then has the possibility in the palpation time traces. The tumour the nature is often hard, the surface is uneven, or ties the nodular. When becoming emaciated patient or tumor located at kidney under extremely, the physical examination may hold the tumour. If the tumour is fixed, indicated that around the kidney has the infiltration, the prognosis is not good. The above three big symptoms simultaneously appear the opportunity are not many, approximately composes 10%~15%, if simultaneously appears often is the later period symbol.
Oral cancer: The oral cancer is cancer which the young adults male is easiest to result, the disease incidence rate is feminine 10 times. Smokes, drinks, eats the betel nut is the cause. He reminds, if discovery oral cavity ulcer continues 2 weeks not to be good, certainly must receive a medical examination promptly, this is the most important oral cancer signal. The oral cavity like has following five symptoms, needs the vigilant oral cancer's possibility: Color change: The normal oral cavity mucous membrane is a pink, if turns the white, brown or the black, means that the mucous membrane epidermal cell has had the change. Especially the oral cavity mucous membrane changes rough, thickens or assumes the induration, presents the oral cavity mucous membrane floccosoids, the red spot, very possible to have had the cancer. Ulcer does not recover: The oral cavity ulcer's course does not surpass generally for two weeks, if symptoms and so on burning sensation, ache surpassed two weeks still not to improve, needed the vigilant oral cancer's possibility. Because, the oral cancer often displays for ulcer's form, all around marginal uplift, central uneven, and has necrosis to organize to cover. The ache is obvious: The early general indolence or only has the local anomaly friction feeling, after kui the broken, ache is obvious, further encroaches upon the nerve along with the tumor, may initiate the ear department and swallows sore throat. The lymph node is tumescent: The oral cancer multi-direction nearby pate lymph node shift, is sometimes primary the infection to be very small, even the symptom is not obvious, but the pate lymph node has actually discovered the shift cancer cell. Therefore, pate lymph node like suddenly tumescent, must inspect the oral cavity. Function barrier: The tumor possibly encroaches opens the blind tuyere muscle and the lower jaw joint, causes the blind tuyere movement to limit.

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