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The man goes off tracking, reason from mother

Outside the affair and the marriage the nature, was already not the new word. Around us, will regularly have the friend to have like this or outside such marriage the story. Cause troubles the man always, is injured the woman always, the ending forever is exactly the same, but the reason actually respectively has each difference.

Recently, a French child medical expert just promoted one named "Adulterer" the book, has discovered a wicker basket reason for masculine “the improper behavior”, also has initiated many arguments from this. During the interview, this expert has said in his eye the man “is disloyal” the reason.

The man goes off tracking, reason from mother

Reporter: You talk about in the book, the man goes off tracking and is not only “the sex act”?

Professor: Certainly. The men and women are the same, not only “the sex act” is pure which we usually understood “the nature”behavior, when often is for sought for them just to be born, in the mother bosom feels short, the happy condition.
Reporter: This tin was too fresh. Your meaning meant that the man is disloyal to the woman, is for retrieves “the mother” rightly the loyalty?

Professor: Yes. When the man chooses a woman, proved that he could “find” formerly the happy heart which from her body obtained from the mother body, but this condition could not continue to be too long. Because in the man innermost soul, the mother forever is occupying first; Other women can only arrange at most to second.

Reporter: Says like this according to you, the man goes off tracking, wrong should put the blame on his mother?

Professor: Was heavy with “wrong” this word, I wanted only to be able to be called “the responsibility”. In fact, the mother definitely may let the son get rid of them “the shadow”, but is very regrettable, many mother have neglected these. Starts from the babyhood, the mother should not defend irrevocably side the son, forever “satisfies” them. But must learn to let loose child's hands and feet, lets them many and the little friend in the same place. Otherwise, when after the boy grows into the man, he runs into a strange female every time, can strengthen them diligently at first with mother's subtle contacting, “mother's shadow” has also existed.

The man goes off tracking is only for a while “the nature”

Reporter: The woman often believed that the man is “with the lower part pondered” animal, is this explained that the sexual desire has been corroding man's soul?

Professor: No! This is many women to the man the misunderstanding. Indeed, I acknowledged that man's sexual desire is stronger, may also say that is one which of reasons the man goes off track, but this cannot explain that they do not care about love. Indulges again the man will not choose his other half casually. When they choose the woman, in subconscious is seeking with the mother close woman; But hereafter the marriage has the problem, also many are because some unresolved questions causes with the mother between.

Reporter: after “is exposed”, man most a few words which said to the woman are: “I and she are only play casually, I love you.”This is the deceit?

Professor: We may look like this, when the man chooses a woman and marries with her, explained that this woman occupied the important position in the man heart. Or, he chooses her, is because she is similar with her mother, this kind similar even surpasses man own imagination. For all this, the man will be weary of the irrevocable life. Therefore, many men presented “is fickle” the behavior. Because this kind “the curiosity” causes offtracking, is both sexes the most controversial topic. Actually, says to the majority men, “impulsion” from now on, “love” formidable, he counter-excessive “I loves you” is not the rumor.

After going off tracking, do not disclose

Reporter: We are also willing to believe that the human “the nature” is originally friendly, but general meeting some exceptions. If really and is fickle the man married, is should give up or should continue?
Professor: That must look that husbands and wives, this kind of matter could not be generally spoken. I have several suggestions: First, will be the wife not to depend on the husband one time to go off tracking determines him lifelong to go off tracking; Next, for each other a calm conversation opportunity. However the present phenomenon is, after the man goes off tracking, acknowledges the mistake on own initiative to the companion, basic is the futile effort. Therefore, no matter the man or the woman, after going off tracking, do not tell own companion!

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